blockchain super protocol

With a 6 month commitment, the cost of hosting Super Protocol nodes on OVHcloud is at least 28.5% less than other providers


Order processing speed increased by 22% using Advance-6 Dedicated Servers


20% increased scalability using Advance-6 Dedicated Servers

The context

Super Protocol is one of the world’s first decentralised and confidential cloud computing protocols – the next generation of clouds designed specifically with Web3 needs in mind. Super Protocol is built as a decentralised network of confidential computing nodes, welcoming compute providers to join the community and monetize their confidential computing resources. The clients’ code and data are protected by Intel® SGX confidential computing hardware, which isolates data inside an encrypted enclave to protect it from OS and hypervisor breaches. No one not even the owner of the server has access to the code and data in use inside the enclave, making it safe for clients to use third party servers.

A secure zero-trust approach is foundational for Super Protocol. Confidential computing, leveraging a hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE), ensures data protection and code integrity, such that even the owners of the hardware with physical access to the servers do not have access to the data and code that is processed on their nodes. We are proud to be listed amongst the named solutions and services on Intel SGX product offerings, which as of today is the most secure TEE on the market for our needs.

- Yulia Gontar, COO at Super Protocol

The challenge

Super Protocol started the ongoing process of expanding its decentralised confidential infrastructure, which requires high-performance servers with Intel SGX confidential computing technology. This has been a particular challenge for Super Protocol, as Intel SGX-enabled servers are in high demand due to the rapidly growing market for confidential computing.

The solution

Confidential computing compatibility, price and performance were the main requirements set by the Super Protocol team. Based on these requirements, Super Protocol chose OVHcloud and adopted the following solutions:

  • OVHcloud Public Cloud
  • OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes
  • OVHcloud Advance-6 Dedicated Servers

Super Protocol was able to access OVHcloud Public Cloud services via the OVHcloud Start-Up Program, which offers free cloud credits, training and marketing support for start-ups. Joining this program enabled Super Protocol to expand its testnet and staging infrastructure to OVHcloud’s trusted cloud, which features transparent PAYG billing, guaranteed resources, automated backup, load balancer and anti-DDoS protection.

Super Protocol also spent credits on OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes – a fully managed service that enables IT teams to create and deploy containers, without having to worry about management and maintenance. This service was used to handle external requests as part of the testnet cluster.

As Super Protocol is built on confidential computing technology, it needed bare metal servers with Intel SGX-enabled processors, as well as the power to handle heavy workloads. After testing servers offered by other major cloud providers, Super Protocol found the perfect solution with OVHcloud Advance-6 Dedicated Servers. Built on Intel SGX and 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, these powerful servers were able to process Super Protocol computation orders in just 6 minutes and 22% faster than other providers.

As OVHcloud offers its Advance-6 servers in multiple geolocations, Super Protocol was also able to benefit from the highest possible availability and as a starting point chose Canada, Germany and UK. The servers were deployed across Super Protocol’s testnet, staging and development clusters, and connected to the public cloud services using OVHcloud’s vRack private network.

Our partnership with Super Protocol is a logical step in OVHcloud’s acceleration strategy, which is tackled to the next generation of cloud challenges. This collaboration enables us to extend our services to the Web3 community in a new format. Our SGX-based dedicated servers offered very well-balanced performance on Super Protocol and, when combined with our attractive price policy, will allow OVHcloud offerings to take a great position on the Super Protocol Marketplace.

- Omar Abi Issa, Business Development Manager for Blockchain at OVHcloud

The result

Thanks to its partnership with OVHcloud, Super Protocol was able to expand the capacity and reach of its decentralised confidential network. OVHcloud Bare Metal servers delivered the high-performance and confidential computing capabilities it needed, whilst OVHcloud Public Cloud provided a scalable, secure and reliable cloud. Managed Kubernetes added further value, helping to drive efficiency by removing the burden of container management.

As all this infrastructure is hosted in multiple geolocations, Super Protocol can also rest assured that there will be high availability and no downtime – essential when processing demanding Web3 workloads for its customers.

We are very excited to work with OVHcloud, they are a reliable and high-performing partner. They have seamlessly delivered the growth of Super Protocol’s confidential computing infrastructure on which the future of Web3 is being built.

- Yulia Gontar, COO at Super Protocol