OVH & Logit-io
100s of active servers


of active servers

Up to 15TB per customer, per day

Up to 15TB

per customer, per day

Billions of logs processed each day

Billions of logs

processed per day

The context

Transforming logs and metrics into a powerful business growth tool

In today’s information-driven world, we are generating a staggering amount of data. To stay competitive, businesses need to turn complicated data into clear, actionable insights. That’s where comes in… is a specialist logging and metrics company, based on a high-performance ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) solution that helps businesses streamline the collation, management, and analysis of their logs and metrics, using flexible, user-friendly online dashboards. Since the company’s launch in 2013, it has enjoyed three-figure growth on a year-on-year basis, solving complex problems for global FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike.

Logit have worked closely with OVHcloud since their inception, starting with a flexible, cost-effective cloud infrastructure that has since evolved into a sophisticated network of high-performance dedicated servers.

The challenge

Planning for both a successful product launch, and the anticipated future growth

Having delivered their solution to customers all over the world since day one, Logit required an infrastructure that would allow them to deploy and manage the necessary resources in a fast, secure, reliable cost-effective way. This was about more than meeting their immediate requirements as a startup – it was about building a strong, scalable foundation for their anticipated future growth. This meant their infrastructure needed to automatically scale horizontally in a controlled way, to allow Logit to accommodate increasing volumes of data, increasing bandwidth requirements, and opportunities to enter new regions.

Due to the large volumes of data Logit manages, the optimal cost/performance ratio was essential, as was the flexibility to manage their infrastructure in an automated way, while making full use of the Logit team’s expertise. It was decided that a managed solution would not offer the same potential for customisation.

The solution

A seamless transition from the cloud to a bespoke bare-metal infrastructure

Logit-io infrastructure

Logit built their solution on a foundation of OVHcloud Public Cloud Instances, following a period of close consultation with their OVHcloud account manager. In addition to the flexibility, availability, and price/performance ratio of the Public Cloud, there were a number of factors behind Logit’s decision to partner with OVHcloud. Keen to establish themselves as a global company from the start, the idea of working with a European partner was an attractive one, both from a data protection standpoint, and due to the ability to geo-locate resources across multiple regions. OVHcloud’s ongoing expansion into new regions and the ‘smart’ cloud philosophy were therefore major advantages over other solutions.

“As we grew, OVHcloud grew with us. We could add additional servers as we needed, and spoke with our account manager to forecast and plan our growth. As we continue to grow at a fast pace, OVHcloud delivers what we need when we need it.”

Lee Smith, CEO,

This provided the ideal foundation for Logit to scale horizontally, as required. However, after a certain point, it became clear that a dedicated bare-metal solution was the right path to take, if the now well-established standard of performance was to be maintained and improved upon. The move to OVHcloud’s dedicated server ranges helped them maintain the right balance between storage and compute power, in light of the ever-increasing volumes of data that passed through their systems, and the disk performance required for Elasticsearch.

Furthermore, a pure bare-metal solution meant that Logit’s teams could still enjoy the level of flexibility they had become accustomed to with the Public Cloud. After a period of consultation with their account manager, a number of SSD-backed Big-HG dedicated servers were selected and deployed, with the existing Public Cloud Instances retained to manage other parts of the infrastructure.

“Moving from Public Cloud for our Elasticsearch infrastructure to dedicated servers allowed us to be much more competitive on a price per GB stored for our customers. While OVHcloud’s unlimited bandwidth meant we could offer our customers simple, transparent pricing.”

Lee Smith, CEO,

Logit utilise an ever-increasing number of Public Cloud Instances and dedicated servers – all hosted across a number of OVHcloud datacentres. Servers are provisioned and deployed autonomously at OVHcoud, with full redundancy and IP failover incorporated into the design. Logit’s experts have designed and built their platform in such a way that it is highly available to meet customer SLA requirements, and automatically scales as their customers require.

“Logit’s partnership with OVHcloud is a great example of how an infrastructure can grow with a company. They’ve used the right OVHcloud solutions, at the right time, to allow them to upscale intelligently, with plenty of scope for further growth.”

Liam Popple, OVHcloud Account Manager

The result

The infrastructure continues to evolve…

In keeping with the early spirit of the partnership, Logit’s infrastructure at OVHcloud is constantly evolving. Plans are already in place to expand across OVHcloud’s entire global network, transforming into a full-blown multi-region solution – particularly in the APAC region – in order to further cement its status as a truly global company.

“We appreciate the technically-focused vibe at OVHcloud, as it’s a great fit with our own company culture. Having the freedom to manage and develop our infrastructure ourselves is ideal for our purposes, but having a dedicated account manager available means we’re always able to make an informed decision about the next stage in our systems’ evolution.”

Lee Smith, CEO,