Nutanix on OVHcloud

Explore our new, all-in-one, scalable Private Cloud platform. Our solution offers two service types: the packaged service, or the BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) service. The packaged service delivers the Nutanix Cloud Platform software licences as a bundle with a dedicated, Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure. The BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) service offers full licence portability, and only includes the dedicated, Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure. It is designed for users who already own Nutanix software licences, and just need the underlying hardware. Get a ready-to-use Nutanix hyperconverged environment (HCI) in just a few hours.

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What is Nutanix?

Why choose Nutanix on OVHcloud?

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A ready-to-use hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

An innovative Nutanix deployment model integrated into the cloud in just a few hours. Access the features of the Nutanix Cloud Platform with ease, depending on your licence.

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Scalability in the cloud

A private cloud hosted in our datacentres — with dedicated, scalable hardware resources, as well as transparent, predictable pricing.

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High-performance hardware

Nutanix-qualified Intel HGR-HCI dedicated servers, highly available environments that are fully isolated from other OVHcloud services.

Our Nutanix-qualified dedicated servers

Build your Nutanix cluster with our Nutanix-qualified High Grade Intel (HGR-HCI-1, 2 and 3) dedicated servers. They are designed and optimised for hyperconverged infrastructures. They offer high computing power, a very high bandwidth network (up to 50Gbit/s on the private network), and SAS SSD storage, to ensure that your cluster works perfectly.

  • Dual Intel Xeon Gold Processor 6226R/6242R/6248R
  • 192GB to 1.5TB RAM
  • Storage - from 6 to 24 3.84TB SAS SSDs

Our Nutanix on OVHcloud services are made up of clusters containing at least three dedicated servers (up to 15 servers maximum). They include tools to ensure a secure connection to your Nutanix cluster. You can adjust the compute, memory and storage resources by adding new servers, or changing their technical specifications.

Support adapted to your Nutanix environment

We recommend subscribing to the Business support level, which is adapted to production environments. It provides access to 24/7 technical support, and the goal is to provide a first response to critical incidents (criticality level P1) within 30 minutes. You can also request additional architecture services (by quotation).

Please note that the Business support level is not included with our products, and must be subscribed to separately.

Options and additional resources

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Technical support

Professional Services

Demo and custom quotes

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Your questions answered

What is Nutanix?

Nutanix is a market-leading hyperconverged infrastructure virtualisation platform (HCI), combining computing and storage power. This solution represents a powerful technical platform for hosting an enterprise private cloud.

Is Nutanix on OVHcloud a managed or pre-installed solution?

Both Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions are pre-installed.

This solution combines the Nutanix Cloud Platform licences either as a pack, or as a BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) solution. This ensures portability for your licences, and provides you with dedicated, Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud infrastructures. You get a ready-to-use Nutanix cluster in just a few hours.

This means that once the server is delivered, you are in control. Looking for a 100% managed service with an OVHcloud ecosystem partner? Contact us.

What are the differences between the packs and the BYOL solution?

The Nutanix on OVHcloud pack is an integrated solution combining Nutanix Cloud Platform software and licences (included and enabled in Standard or Advanced packages) with Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud dedicated servers.

The Nutanix on OVHcloud BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) solution is an integrated product combining Nutanix Cloud Platform* software with Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud dedicated servers. With the BYOL solution, you can bring your own Nutanix licences purchased beforehand.

In this solution, you only benefit from the Nutanix Cloud Platform software features once you have registered your Nutanix licences in Prism Central.

*Excludes the Frame feature.

What are the differences between Standard and Advanced Nutanix packs in the Nutanix on OVHcloud range?

In each pack, OVHcloud natively includes the Nutanix Flow and Nutanix Prism Pro licences.

The Nutanix Standard pack also includes the AOS Pro licence, and the available default features: virtual machines, storage volumes, and a web administration interface.

In addition to all the features in the Standard pack, the Nutanix Advanced pack includes the AOS Ultimate licence, multisite options, advanced disaster recovery and advanced security features.

In the following guide, you can view details on the services and licences included in our packs:

What are the main use cases for Nutanix on OVHcloud?

Our solutions suit a very wide range of use cases.

As a private cloud platform, Nutanix has several software building blocks: virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, storage and network.

The most common use cases are:

  • Implementing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) between an existing Nutanix cluster and a new Nutanix on OVHcloud cluster.
  • Setting up an overflow cluster for existing workloads.
  • Setting up new dedicated clusters in the cloud.
  • Migrating on-premises architectures to the cloud.
  • Migrating existing workloads hosted on dedicated servers.

Can I connect an existing Nutanix cluster to OVHcloud solutions?

Yes, you can connect them and make them interact with one another.

To be connected under the best conditions, you need to have a suitable network connection, either via VPN or via OVHcloud Connect.

Please also ensure that you have multi-site licences on the initial and target clusters (included in the Nutanix AOS Ultimate licence).

Can I connect other OVHcloud services to these solutions (Bare Metal Cloud, Public Cloud, etc.)?

A Nutanix on OVHcloud cluster is natively connected within an OVHcloud private network (vRack). This means your OVHcloud services can communicate via the private or public network, depending on your network configurations.

Can I use OVHcloud’s private network (vRack)?

A Nutanix on OVHcloud cluster is automatically delivered with a private network (vRack). This is created when the cluster is set up, and attached to your customer account.
You can reconfigure the cluster to change vRack if necessary.