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500 TB of stored data


6 x reduction in object storage cost


48 nodes to receive data after WebSockets

The context is an award-winning Polish tech startup. The company's flagship product is an innovative UX and analytics automation tool that helps e-commerce companies to eliminate sales inhibits in digital products. This tool - also called - processes large amounts of data concerning actual user problems in connection with the use of specific sites and applications. This data helps find answers to questions such as why users quickly close a page or which elements they don't understand. Finding roadblocks makes it possible to improve functionality and, as a result, raise conversions. To improve finding behavioral patterns, the company uses quantitative and qualitative analysis, neuro-marketing, behavioral analysis and machine learning. It is the only tool of its kind developed by a Polish company and available on the international market. is a winner of Sebastian Kulczyk’s InCredibles - the most prestigious mentoring program for startups. This year it also won the I-COM Global Startup Challenge, winning the title of "Best Smart Data Marketing Startup". also received an honorable mention in the TechCrunch Top Picks at Disrupt Berlin 2019 in the "CRM/Enterprise" category.

The challenge

Before working with OVHcloud, attempted to leverage the services of one of the large cloud providers. As part of the contract, it was offered a very large base of tools, which after time, turned out to be a disadvantage. Selecting specific solutions each time was a challenge and consequently, it began to hinder administration. In addition, the company had to build clusters on its own – create each MongoDB instance, then configure and customize them. In the case of, each cluster consists of as many as five machines, which require separate preparation. Once the machines were set up, the company also had to manage, monitor, and maintain them on its own. In practice, this turned out to be very cumbersome - the administration of the maintained databases began to take too much time. The main challenge for was to find a solution that would optimize the management of their databases, without too much hassle.

Providers of typical cloud databases usually offer their own engines with a compatible API so that companies can switch to the provider’s solution without having to make major changes. However, this requires spending additional time to thoroughly test and validate any limitations, as well as having to implement them later in the company's processes. Taking these aspects into account, decided to continue looking for an alternative solution. It was also important for the company to obtain adequate bandwidth and data transfer speed, which translates into efficient traffic control and smooth operation.

The solution

OVHcloud offered a concrete solution to build "ready-made" MongoDB clusters. This allowed the company to smoothly migrate all data in just a few months. Very important in this process was object storage, which stores previews of customer sites. It contains information in text format, including data on all dynamically occurring changes on the pages, such as color changes or even minor shifts of elements. It also allows heat maps to be displayed later and recordings to be played back to customers. Currently, thanks to the infrastructure offered by OVHcloud, stores as much as 0.5 petabits of such text data. is now using three MongoDB clusters and one PostgreSQL cluster and will run on the Kafka platform. The company is also developing several new applications that learn from the data it collects and will soon be able to determine what the traffic and behavior profile of users looks like and what behaviors define whether a user converts or not. is able to carry out all of these tasks thanks to OVHcloud’s infrastructure.

The result

OVHcloud offered a solution that is specific and well-suited to the company's needs. The big advantage for is that it can design its services in a very short time and with the parameters that each case requires. The company can also efficiently create additional clusters and use them immediately. At the same time, administration tasks are reduced to an absolute minimum - both in terms of time and human resources. The company also appreciates OVHcloud's support in monitoring the correct operation of the solution and emerging upgrades, as well as the support of specialists at every stage of collaboration.

Another significant advantage of collaborating with OVHcloud is its attractive pricing of the services offered. According to’s calculations, with such a large amount of data stored, this solution reduces costs by six times each month for object storage alone!

"During the first weeks of data migration, it became clear that we needed additional training in terms of traffic modeling and routing. This ran outside the scope of our previous provider, but OVHcloud showed flexibility and willingness to help – following a quick technical consultation with an OVHcloud architect cleared any uncertainty. This was very important for us, because traffic control, next to the sheer amount of data held, are our biggest challenges. We have no doubt that OVHcloud is a great partner with whom we can always brainstorm with to come up with the best solution together." says Kamil Walkowiak, VP of R&D at