Nutanix on OVHcloud packaged service

The Nutanix on OVHcloud packaged service is an all-in-one private cloud platform. Our two options — the Nutanix Standard Pack and Nutanix Advanced Pack — combine the pre-installed Nutanix Cloud Platform software licences as a bundle with a dedicated, Nutanix-qualified OVHcloud infrastructure. This means you get a ready-to-use Nutanix cluster in just a few hours. 

ovhcloud x nutanix

Our Nutanix Standard and Nutanix Advanced packs

The Nutanix Standard pack is designed for companies running multiple applications, or a larger-scale extension at one or more production sites.
The Nutanix Advanced pack is suitable for more complex multi-site deployments, and for more advanced security requirements (synchronous replication, software encryption and advanced orchestration).

What services and licences are included in our packs?

Our packs include Prism Pro and Flow licences, as well as AOS Pro for Nutanix Standard packs, and AOS Ultimate for Nutanix Advanced packs.

This selection of Nutanix Cloud Platform software suite licences is pre-installed on each node (server) in your Nutanix cluster. It facilitates cloud use cases, such as the transition from an on-premises infrastructure to the OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud.


Nutanix Cloud Platform software blocks included

Acropolis AOS

Deploy resources quickly for your applications with the Acropolis Operating System (AOS). Your hyperconverged infrastructure offers scalability and security, with an emphasis on higher performance for your services. AOS is the foundation of Nutanix architecture, and manages storage layers, services and networking.

AHV Hypervisor

Virtualise your databases, servers, applications and remote desktops with Nutanix AHV. This open-source hypervisor included with the solution is easy to use and manage.


Configure your Kubernetes clusters, deploy and provision your nodes and resources with Nutanix Karbon. This tool offers simplified networking and security for your containerised applications.

Prism Software

Manage your hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the Prism Software management interface. Accessible via a web interface, it facilitates automation, monitoring and management through various features.


Secure your network and monitor your applications with Nutanix Flow. Activated in just a few clicks, Flow offers protection against network-related threats.



Manage your storage space with Nutanix Volumes and block storage technology on a unified, resilient infrastructure. Your storage volumes can be reached by both your virtual resources and your physical nodes.

One-click App Migration (Move)

Migrate your virtual machines to our solution easily and automatically with Nutanix Move. No matter how large your infrastructure is, you will only experience a momentary service interruption.

Our Nutanix-qualified dedicated servers

Build your Nutanix cluster with our Nutanix-qualified High Grade Intel (HGR-HCI-1, 2 and 3) dedicated servers. They are designed and optimised for hyperconverged infrastructures. They offer high computing power, a very high bandwidth network (up to 50Gbit/s on the private network), and SAS SSD storage, to ensure that your cluster works perfectly.

  • Dual Intel Xeon Gold Processor 6226R/6242R/6248R
  • 192GB to 1.5TB RAM
  • Storage - from 6 to 24 3.84TB SAS SSDs

Our Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions are made up of clusters of at least three dedicated servers (up to 15 servers maximum). They include tools to ensure a secure connection to your Nutanix cluster. You can adjust the compute, memory and storage resources by adding new servers, or changing their technical specifications.

Support adapted to your Nutanix environment

We recommend the OVHcloud Business support level, which is adapted to production environments. It provides access to 24/7 technical support, and the goal is to provide a first response to critical incidents (criticality level P1) within 30 minutes. You can also request additional architecture services (by quotation).

Please note that the Business support level is not included with our products, and must be subscribed to separately.

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