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Our web hosting solutions offer simplicity and performance at the best prices, with optimal security. You can use them to build your online presence, and get your business off to a flying start on the web.

With our wide range of hosting solutions, you can choose the best one to suit your needs. You get an affordable web hosting plan that you can use to quickly build a blog, business website, or online store.

The advantages of a web hosting plan

A web hosting plan is a simple, cost-effective solution for hosting your projects. Our web hosting plans include everything you need to build and publish a website — a domain name (free for the first year), an SSL certificate, databases, CMS modules, email accounts, unlimited traffic, and much more. The infrastructure is managed by OVHcloud, so you can focus on building your websites.

Web hosting plan features

Flexibility for traffic spikes

With the Boost option, which is available on our Performance web hosting plans, you can temporarily increase your web hosting plan’s resources to absorb seasonal traffic spikes. If this increase in traffic becomes longer term, you can also upgrade to a higher solution, so you permanently have more resources.

Security for your websites

Like all of our other services, our web hosting plans offer anti-DDoS protection included by default, to protect you against attacks. We also offer a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate free of charge, so you can use HTTPS protocol and secure all data transfers on your website.

A range of available platforms

You can choose from several content management systems (CMS): WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal and Joomla!. These are pre-installed on your OVHcloud web hosting plan, and will help you build a website, even if you do not have the technical skills required.

Accessible worldwide

Our global network has 20Tbit/s bandwidth, 30 datacentres across the globe, and 34 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide. And with the CDN service, your static content is cached in three of these PoPs — making it closer to where you web users are based. This means your webpages will load quickly for visitors.

Assistance and Documentation

We offer technical documentation and online support to help you get started using your web hosting plan.

Guides and documentation
OVHcloud Community
OVHcloud Community

Your questions answered

What is a web hosting plan, and how does it work?

A web hosting plan is a solution you can use to put your websites online, and make them available to web users across the globe. With a web hosting plan, also referred to as a web hosting package, or simply web hosting, you get assigned a storage space, where your website files are placed. The infrastructure is managed by the hosting provider, who manages monitoring, updates and maintenance for the web and email servers.

Once you have placed an order, you will receive your access credentials via email — and you can manage the service via the OVHcloud Control Panel, or directly via the authorised protocols.

How much it cost to host a website?

The cost of hosting a website will depend on the hosting provider you choose, and the services included in the solution — e.g. allocated disk space, the storage technology used (SSD or HDD), the number of email accounts and websites you can host, the databases that are included, supported programming languages, etc. You can browse our website hosting solutions here.

How do I use a web hosting plan?

A web hosting plan is a turn-key service. This means that you do not need to set it up — OVHcloud sets up the hosting plan for you. Once it has been set up, you are sent your login details, like your FTP username and password.

There are two ways you can set up your website. You can place your website files, developed by you or a third party, in the storage space. You can do this using the FTP username and password mentioned above. You can also use a 1-click module, pre-installed by OVHcloud, to build a website from scratch. This method means you can see your website’s structure straight away. You can then customise it, and add your content to it. You can refer to this page, which explains how to set up a website in 5 steps.

How do I get an affordable hosting plan?

For website hosting, OVHcloud offers low-cost hosting solutions that you can select to fit your needs. Whether you are an individual, a business or an SME, we offer web hosting plans that adapt to fit your projects, offering great value for money.

We also offer other types of web hosting solutions like VPS, dedicated servers, and Public Cloud solutions — and they also come with competitive price tags. However, these solutions require technical skill. Web hosting plans are designed to be used by everyone, and help you focus on building your website rather than needing to configure your solution.

How do I choose the best web hosting plan for my websites?

We recommend opting for a reliable hosting provider, who can ensure high availability for your service and deliver high-quality, reactive technical support. There are other factors to keep in mind, like whether you can host multiple websites on your service, whether automated backups are offered, whether the admin control panel is easy to use — and, of course, the price. You can view a comparison of our web hosting plans here.