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Over 4 million smart contracts deployed


3 million commits made on the local repository


Over 5,000 DAO organisations and user accounts

The context

GOSH(Git Open Source Hodler) is the first ever Git blockchain. It offers a ground-breaking decentralised solution for securing the software supply chain. Built as a scalable multi-threaded and multi-sharded platform, GOSH enables developers to build structural smart contracts to secure their code. It is the first blockchain solution that becomes more secure as more code is written – supporting safer software development and innovation.

The challenge

As a blockchain start-up, GOSH required a powerful but cost-effective platform for hosting its infrastructure. However, concerns around the negative environmental impacts of blockchain had hit headlines at the time, and GOSH therefore needed a sustainable solution to satisfy its investors and customers. Meeting all these requirements can be difficult with most major cloud providers - but GOSH found the perfect partner with OVHcloud.

The solution

OVHcloud’s experts worked closely with GOSH to assess their current infrastructure and future requirements. Based on this, GOSH decided to invest in OVHcloud Dedicated Servers, which deliver performance and scalability at an unbeatable price.

OVHcloud Dedicated Servers are highly customisable and resilient, offering full root access, unlimited traffic and a minimum public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s. Built on the latest Intel and AMD processors, OVHcloud Dedicated Servers also feature Anti-DDoS Protection and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99% for greater customer confidence.

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Another huge benefit for GOSH was the water-cooling technology built into OVHcloud Dedicated Servers to reduce temperatures. This delivers a level of sustainability quite simply unmatched by other cloud providers, because compared to inefficient air-cooling methods, water-cooling cuts datacentre energy consumption by 25%. It also allows for overclocking and enables servers to run faster, quieter and smoother.

Finally, OVHcloud Dedicated Servers were much more cost-effective compared to leading competitors, with no hidden costs or contractual tie-in. OVHcloud achieves this by assembling its servers in-house and therefore eliminating complex supply chains and import fees. This also offers increased security, as OVHcloud has full visibility of the building process and can add a layer of protection into the server using trusted hardware components. Another benefit of end-to-end visibility is that OVHcloud gains a much better understanding of its environmental impact, as everything can be monitored – energy, water, waste, transportation and carbon emissions.

The result

OVHcloud Dedicated Servers ticked all the boxes for GOSH, delivering a high-performance platform for innovation that is also sustainable and cost-effective. Adopting this technology enabled GOSH to enhance its blockchain solution, support its community and boost investor confidence – leading to increased commercial success. GOSH is now exploring other OVHcloud solutions and is glad to have found a partner it can trust for the future.

GOSH places a heavy load on networks and processing power. It is the only blockchain that can handle, for example, Linux repositories of over 50 million objects. To support this kind of project, we needed a powerful platform - and OVHcloud dedicated servers delivered the perfect solution!

Mitja Goroshevsky, CEO and Co-Founder, GOSH