VPS uses

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Every day, OVHcloud solutions help you complete your projects, no matter what their scale. With our VPS usage examples, find out how our virtual private server solutions can help you host website and cloud applications.

Uses for OVHcloud VPS solutions

Our VPS solutions can be used for a wide range of purposes, across a variety of different industries. Whether you are looking to host your business website, online store, or launch cloud projects with flexible servers, the VPS range responds to all your needs. We have listed several different uses for OVHcloud VPS solutions, from the most common to the most specific types. Want to deploy a server with a test environment, and switch it from pre-production to production in no time at all? Looking to launch your WordPress websites with the multi-site option, or create an online video gaming server? Our range of VPS servers are designed to suit a wide range of needs, and are easy to set up, offering unparalleled flexibility.

These different use types, complemented by advice from our solution experts, will give you everything you need by providing you information on the best solutions for you. This will help you ensure that your project is a success.

OVHcloud virtual private servers offer outstanding performance at low prices, with no compromises. Choose from a wide range that combines simplicity, scalability, customisation and full autonomy in terms of how you manage your server.