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  • performance ed estensibilità a prezzi accessibili
  • Il tuo VPS in Germania
  • Larghezza di banda massima di 2 Gbit/s e traffico illimitato*
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Total scalability

OVHcloud VPS solutions are designed to cover all your needs for getting started online. They also offer optimal flexibility, so you can scale them up as your web projects grow. Unlike a dedicated server, for example, you do not need to provision hardware resources well in advance. Simply add the extra resources to your virtual server whenever you need them, directly via the OVHcloud Control Panel — and they will be automatically provisioned to you. With a VPS infrastructure, you only pay for what you need, when you need it — so this strategy will help you massively with cost control.

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Increased performance

Our expert teams have designed our virtual servers to deliver optimal performance. Since our virtual private servers are powered by Intel next-generation architecture and NVMe SSD storage, they are based on a highly resilient infrastructure.

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A dedicated environment

Unlike shared hosting plans, the hardware resources listed in your VPS specs are fully-dedicated to your projects — and you also get root access. As the superuser and server administrator, you can choose exactly how you host your production platforms and business applications. This adaptable, scalable space is perfect for managing your web projects as they grow.

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Simplicity and independence

One of the advantages of our virtual private servers is the autonomy they offer. We offer a wide range of operating systems to install and configure, so you can choose the best one for you. To further simplify how you set up your web projects, you can also install a web hosting control panel like Plesk, or cPanel.

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Unlimited traffic

With OVHcloud VPS servers, traffic is unlimited* — and the maximum bandwidth is 2Gbit/s. If you want to host services and applications that require high bandwidth for an outstanding user experience, this will prove to be a massive cost-saving advantage. 

*Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Backup options

Store and secure your data on an external storage space, using our VPS backup options. With the Snapshot option, you can take a snapshot of your virtual server in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

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Backup options

Store and secure your data on an external storage space, using our VPS backup options. With the Snapshot option, you can take a snapshot of your virtual server in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Risposte alle tue domande

Why choose VPS hosting in France?

Server location and IP geolocation are key factors in determining a website's ranking in Google. Internet users are much more likely to click on a local website. This is why, if your target customer base is based in France, a VPS hosting plan in that country is simply the most effective way to guarantee smooth access to your services. All of this while maintaining full control of your costs, and allowing you to upscale without any constraints. Our teams work around the clock on our infrastructures, so you can focus on developing your websites and applications, and expanding your infrastructure.

What features are available with an OVHcloud VPS based in France?

Our VPS solutions are designed for maximum control and flexibility, while offering a very good price-performance ratio. Access to the root of your virtual server allows you to configure it as you wish. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, with a panel of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) ready to launch in one click. You can also add additional storage and resources to suit your needs. In addition to geolocation options and additional IPs, our VPS solutions in France are all equipped with our anti-DDoS service, to guarantee you full protection in the event of an attack.

Hosting di siti Web su VPS in Germania

Con un VPS, i siti e le applicazioni sono ospitati in un ambiente virtuale completamente isolato e configurati e gestiti a piacimento. È possibile installare il tuo VPS in un centro di calcolo di OVHcloud in Germania. È la base perfetta dei servizi per i tuoi utenti in Germania. La disponibilità è garantita dall’ASL. Per ogni azienda tedesca in crescita, il nostro VPS si integra senza sosta nella strategia di posizionamento. Sono necessari indirizzi IP geolocalizzati a basso costo, l'accesso all'amministratore e la loro estensibilità.

Geolocalizzazione dei tuoi IP in Germania

I VPS localizzati in Germania ti permettono di ottimizzare la portata e le performance dei tuoi siti e delle tue applicazioni: geolocalizzazione dove si trovano i tuoi clienti. Tutte le soluzioni di hosting di VPS offrono una scelta di 13 geolocalizzazioni in tutta Europa, Germania inclusa. Aggiungi fino a 16 IP supplementari tramite il tuo centro clienti OVHcloud. Diversi indirizzi IP possono essere aggiunti a un solo server virtuale per massimizzare la tua portata a livello internazionale. Aumenta la tua infrastruttura per aggiungervi altre posizioni geografiche quando la tua azienda crescerà.

* per i VPS ospitati a Sydney e Singapore: 1 TB Traffico/mese per le serie VPS "Starter" e "Value", 2 TB/mese per la serie VPS "Essential", 3 TB/mese per la serie VPS "Comfort" e 4 TB/mese per la serie VPS "Elite". Una volta superato il contingente mensile, la larghezza di banda sarà ridotta a 10 mbps.