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Executive summary

The OmniNet value proposition: 3 well-defined pillars and OVHcloud technology

OmniNet is an Italian company with more than two decades of experience in supporting customers through the consolidation and digital transformation of their infrastructures. In particular, OmniNet manages 360° system integration–from analysis to the design of hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI)–with increasing trends to provide customers who choose, cloud solutions instead of on-premises. In fact, last year, only 2% of its customers opted for a solution with machines on-premises.

OmniNet's recent activities have highlighted an interesting fact about the evolution of its customers' IT infrastructures. Despite some hesitancy and bias regarding the alleged lack of security of the cloud, 95 percent of users have chosen to go with full-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures, essentially only keeping in-house some assets. Before the pandemic, this percentage, ran around 50-60% and it has recently been greatly affected by the rising cost of energy and the increasing difficulty in sourcing computing components for on-premises.

Furthermore, nowadays that security has taken an even more prominent role, OmniNet has increased its positioning as a cybersecurity consultant and became a Certified Training Center for Watchguard, one of the most prestigious network security brands at global scale.

This is accompanied by a wide range of products that includes an offering for Desktop Delivery (with VDI and Virtual App technologies): providing the ability to work remotely in total security, facilitating the relocation of datacentres to the cloud, and facilitating operations in any situation or condition. From all this, there is also a huge saving in budget and resources, creating the condition of anyplace, anytime, anywhere!

In this context, the solid relationship between OmniNet and OVHcloud sees the latter offering by OmniNet as providing a wide range of possibilities in the infrastructure area, especially within the VMware solutions - such as vSphere Enterprise with NSX, Citrix, cloud migration, geo-distributed disaster recovery, and business continuity services - so much so that it can achieve results that sometimes exceed customer expectations.


“Whatever type of business or project idea you are working on, success depends for the most part on IT choices.”

Tullio Cozza, CEO - OmniNet

The challenge

All in one: efficiency and speed

Prior to opting for the solutions offered by OVHcloud, OmniNet always worked on infrastructure with VMware vSphere hypervisor and its vSAN hyperconvergence.

OmniNet's CEO justifies the change with a specific set of elements that led the company to conduct a thorough assessment of what the market could offer in terms of technology and support. Specifically, what OmniNet was looking for in potential partners was a cloud offering that would allow end customers to:

  • have greater operational efficiency and improved user desktop experience
  • have vertical and horizontal scalability of agile and dynamic systems
  • ensure business continuity, regardless of business-critical situations (e.g., geo-political events, disasters, severe weather events, prolonged power outages)
  • have clear, certain, sustainable, and predictable costs

These very strict criteria ultimately saw OmniNet opt for OVHcloud, due to its approach as the European leader in cloud computing, its vertically integrated industry model, and its transparent pricing policy. In addition to all this, an additional element was a key factor in OmniNet's decision:


“Undoubtedly, the factor of great operational flexibility on private and public networks-through OVHcloud's "vRack" technology-each customer can create its own very high-speed private network by connecting multiple clusters, multiple Private Clouds or Datacentres located at strategic points throughout Europe and the world; all through dedicated and proprietary fiber circuits at extraordinary speeds."

Tullio Cozza, CEO - OmniNet

The solution

A dynamic and constantly interconnected infrastructure

Choosing OVHcloud as a partner has led OmniNet to adopt a wide range of solutions from the OVHcloud portfolio: Bare Metal servers, Hosted Private Cloud solutions, and solutions in Public Cloud - public instances dedicated to customers; everything is interconnectable, even if physically located in distant sites, through VRack technology.

OmniNet Diagram


This is one example of what OmniNet can offer its customers, well represented by this Hosted Private Cloud solution in combination with Bare Metal, made available through OVHcloud.

In detail:

Region 1: Within the primary datacentre, on a hyperconverged VMware platform with vSAN, all computational and storage instances are active, but to ensure greater security and redundancy, a datacentre with the same technology is replicated (synchronously or asynchronously) in Region 2, which may be in another city or even in another state, ready to intervene in business continuity and/or disaster recover with an extra dedicated server used for Storage capacity for backups in the long term.

The Region 2 datacentre is interconnected through the impressive connectivity of the vRack private network providing infrastructure isolation from the public network. For even more security, Region 3 has an additional S3 Object Storage-based backup strategy in place. All this with very high-speed public network egress, with tens of Gbps guaranteed, redundancy, and the full protection of OVHcloud's powerful anti-DDoS system.

The organization's operational sites are identifiable at the bottom of the chart: the only action taken for the customer-facing sites is to interconnect their networks to the cloud datacentre. This is precisely where the customers' virtual desktops become totally secure, completely unloading the site from technology dependencies.

Having datacentres located at distant sites is crucial to ensure business continuity. Also crucial is having a disaster recovery plan in place to protect and provide operational assurance for their business. Such a plan is undoubtedly a true investment, not a mere cost to be incurred.

For OmniNet, the choice of OVHcloud as a technology partner has been a winner, especially in the aspects of simplicity in implementation, continuity of development, and the possibility of growth. Think trivially of the waiting standards for on-premise solutions-where to get new resources, one faces inconsiderable waits and complexities-if a customer requires additional resources or servers, with OVHcloud, with one click, the top-of-the-line Hosted Private Cloud configuration is immediately available. The most relevant aspect is certainly in terms of deployment and speed of execution, unmatched with servers.

The result

OVHcloud is the choice from which there is no turning back: the numbers of this success story

Thanks to OVHcloud, we can guarantee customers, in case of failure or fire, an immediate resumption of operations.


“OVHcloud becomes THE solution. The cases are all successful and, in fact, choosing this path leads us to never wanting to go back."

Tullio Cozza, CEO, OmniNet


Regarding the fundamental aspect of costs, moving to technology with cloud solutions entails an initial and additional expense, a point is soon reached where direct and indirect costs reduce the so-called "break-even point": monthly fees are lower and more sustainable than all the costs previously faced, related to equipment or internal management expenses.

In terms of growth, OmniNet has benefited from its relationship with OVHcloud on multiple fronts: alongside a significant 25% increase in new customers year-on-year, the company has also benefited from the development of existing ones, with new budgets allocated to cloud solutions. A possibility closely linked to the competitive, transparent, and predictable pricing policy guaranteed by OVHcloud.


With OVHcloud you have the ability to accurately and confidently predict costs, you know them beforehand and with full transparency"

Tullio Cozza, CEO - OmniNet