See the uses for a dedicated server

See the uses for a dedicated server

Our selection of dedicated server ranges cover virtually every use type, and whichever sector you are working in. The usage examples for a dedicated server will help you set up an infrastructure, create your own cloud, and use the power of dedicated servers for big data.

Uses for OVHcloud dedicated server solutions

Our servers are designed by our expert teams, and are the result of more than 20 years of experience in designing, assembling and renting servers. They give you total control of your machine, and high performance resulting from our close partnership with major providers of datacentre-class components.

Dedicated servers can suit a very wide range of uses depending on their configuration, the power of their processors, the volume of RAM, the amount of storage space, and much more. This is why we offer a detailed breakdown of the most common and specific uses for our dedicated servers.

For example, you can use one to create an ERP/CRM server, Hyperconverged infrastructure, Analytics, set up web hosting servers, or deploy a cloud infrastructure with a fleet of virtual machines.

To help you choose a dedicated server, we offer a selection of the solutions that are best adapted to each type of use, so you can find the right one for your needs. Got a project that doesn’t match any of our examples? Get in touch with our sales team, and chat to our experts about what you need — they will help you determine which solution is best for you.