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Executive summary

Since 2007, JustHostMe have offered UK businesses a wide range of web hosting services, specifically tailored to their requirements in terms of hardware, geography and support. To deliver the high standard of service and performance their customers have come to expect, JustHostMe’s experts require high-performance, UK-based servers that can be deployed quickly and set up to the most exacting customer specifications. Having already explored a number of server providers, JustHostMe’s experts decided to partner with OVH, utilising a carefully selected array of UK-based Dedicated Servers to deliver their services.

The challenge

JustHostMe had worked with a number of service providers over the years, but experienced ongoing issues with both support and performance, which were exacerbated by the fact that these servers were not, in fact, hosted in the UK. Effective anti-DDoS protection was another key concern, as such attacks had previously affected JustHostMe’s original US-based servers. The decision was therefore made to seek a new supplier. 

From the outset, freedom of configuration, high power and the large amounts of available memory were absolutely key, but equally essential was the ability to deploy new servers on an as-needed basis, in as quick and cost-effective a manner as possible. Ideally, these internal processes would be automated as much as possible, to help maintain focus on JustHostMe’s high standard of customer service.

Finally, JustHostMe’s high level of internal expertise meant that they were looking for an unmanaged service, allowing them the freedom to configure their servers themselves, in response to their clients’ requirements. As they would require minimal technical support, they were looking for a service provider with an established global infrastructure to serve as a long-term partner, helping them access the most cutting-edge new technology and broaden the range of services they could offer.

The solution


JustHostMe OVH infrastructure


At the outset of the new partnership between JustHostMe and OVH, teams of experts from both companies worked closely to establish which combination of solutions would best suit JustHostMe’s technical requirements. 

JustHostMe’s ideal servers – high-spec, customisable HG models – were identified and deployed. Using the OVH Control Panel, JustHostMe’s team were able to not only manage their new network of servers, but also order new ones, which would be deployed in the appropriate datacentre in as little as 120 seconds. All these servers were equipped with OVH’s anti-DDoS protection, which withstood the largest DDoS attack on record in 2016. This would ensure attacks could be swiftly mitigated and dealt with, without the end user even becoming aware of them. The network was also designed with redundancy and backup measures in place to minimise any potential downtime.

As OVH’s flagship UK datacentre had not yet opened its doors when the partnership commenced, the decision was made to utilise OVH’s datacentres in Roubaix, Strasbourg and Beauharnois, where the required servers were readily available. As soon as OVH opened its London datacentre in 2017, a migration plan was created and implemented. Although JustHostMe remains a proudly British provider of hosting services, OVH’s global network of datacentres has provided them with an extra level of flexibility when their customers need to host data abroad for any reason.

In addition to the hardware provided, JustHostMe were early participants in OVH’s Partner Programme, allowing them to access a number of discounts, and obtain regular consultation and guidance from OVH’s own experts.

The result

The instant availability of world-class servers, hosted in the UK, has provided a powerful boost to JustHostMe’s USP, with their customers greatly appreciating the resulting boost in performance and improved SEO. In particular, the new infrastructure has resulted in JustHostMe’s end users enjoying average response times of less than 90 milliseconds. The anti-DDoS tools also quickly proved their worth, enabling JustHostMe to successfully mitigate attacks of up to 480Gbps, regardless of when they occurred, and helping maintain an exceptional average monthly uptime of 100%.

In terms of internal processes, the unmanaged model has proven to be the perfect fit for the JustHostMe team, allowing them to access the powerful hardware they need, when they need it, then configure, manage and scale it effortlessly. This has enabled them to deliver a higher standard of customer service for every one of their end users.

Furthermore, the partnership with OVH has provided JustHostMe with a strong foundation on which to develop their business model in a sustainable, well-considered way, and broaden the range of solutions they can offer. This then puts them in an ideal position to support their customers as their own businesses grow – a huge win for both JustHostMe and UK business in general.

“We’ve not found anything that can compare to OVH’s range of solutions in the UK, especially for the price. We're able to pick global locations for our DNS servers through the hosting Control Panel and deploy powerful, customisable Dedicated Servers with anti-DDoS protection quickly. So OVH really ticked all the boxes in that way.”

Jeffrey Mattingley, Founder and CEO, JustHostMe