OVH Premium Support Level

Reactivity and support with your business-related activities

Do you rely on reactive support? Premium support is the next level up from Standard support. 

This level of support is available across the entire OVHcloud universe, for your cloud, web and telecom projects. An advisor will prioritise your requests and provide advice on installing and using your services.

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Custom access

Premium customers benefit from priority access, which means that they are put in contact with our Support teams. This means that your requests will be dealt with more quickly than requests via Standard support, with shorter telephone waiting times.

You can also contact our advisors via live chat (coming soon) or via email from the OVH Control Panel.  Your requests are prioritised.

Priority management

As a Premium customer, your requests will be prioritised, no matter the communication channel (telephone, emails, live chat (coming soon)). This includes administrative and billing questions.

We also recommend that you have a look at our guides before contacting us, to be sure that we are best placed to advise you.

Support centre available

We want to communicate all the necessary information, so that you can use your services autonomously. In our support centre, you will find all of our documentation, plus our FAQ.

We are also making every effort to enhance our resources over time. You are also invited to evaluate each technical guide. Your feedback is valuable, and it helps us to improve our documentation further.

Register for Premium support

Reactivity and support with your business-related activities

Price: £38.205 ex. VAT/month or £45.846 incl. VAT/month
12-month subscription

Surveillance constante et interventions 24 h/24, 7 j/7 par OVH

Constant monitoring and priority treatment

OVHcloud infrastructures are monitored 24/7. If we detect any hardware malfunction, our datacentre teams will intervene automatically.

We will also prioritise dealing with your requests. This is the case, no matter the channel you use to contact us.

Besoin de conseil ? OVH vous accompagne

Need more info?

Premium support guarantees that you will get advice on using your solutions.  You can contact our teams via telephone, live chat (coming soon) or email.

You might also browse the resources available in our support centre.

Support Standard OVH


We put everything in place, so you can get started in the best conditions. Under certain circumstances, you will have an appointment with one of our technical advisers after your service has been delivered.

You can use this appointment to discuss anything you wish: technical advice, security, the OVH Control Panel, and so on.

OVHcloud Community

OVH Community

OVHcloud has set up a dedicated place where customers can talk to each other:  OVH Community. You can ask questions, or just chat with other users.

These resources are available at any time, with no restrictions.