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OVH will soon begin the next stage of its journey as OVHcloud. The changes will be implemented in just a few weeks, but until then, you can still order any of our wide range of high-performance dedicated servers from, ready to deploy at our 30 datacentres worldwide.

We offer six server ranges – Rise, Advance, Infrastructure, Storage, Game and HG – to suit any project and any budget. Whatever the nature of your organisation, your project, and your long-term goals, there’s an OVHcloud dedicated server for you, along with a range for solutions to make server administration near-effortless.

The advantages of an OVHcloud dedicated server

High performance

All OVHcloud dedicated servers are built in-house from the most cutting-edge components, and maintained by our datacentre experts, with 100% of the resources allocated to you. With our managed dedicated servers, you are guaranteed the highest standard of performance and reliability, for the most competitive price.

Unlimited data

All server ranges offer high bandwidth and data volume. With the Advance, Infrastructure, Storage and HG ranges, the public bandwidth can be effortlessly increased with a single click, using the OVHcloud Control Panel.

A secure private network

OVHcloud dedicated servers are designed to fit effortlessly into your existing infrastructure, and offer plenty of scope to scale as your organisation grows. A key part of this is the vRack private network, available with the HG, Infrastructure, Storage and Advance ranges, which allows you to securely connect your server with your on-premises infrastructure and other OVHcloud solutions.


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

To help you launch your next project as quickly as possible, an IPv4 and IPv6 address is included with every OVHcloud bare metal server. As you grow, you can add up to 256 additional IP addresses to each server.

Robust service level agreements

For complete peace of mind, we offer SLAs of 99.9% or higher for all dedicated servers, guaranteeing the highest level of availability and maximum uptime for your sites and applications.

Anti-DDoS Protection

Whichever private server you opt for, you will be protected by OVHcloud’s industry-leading Anti-DDoS solution, which successfully withstood the heaviest DDoS attack on record. We also offer an Anti-DDoS Game solution – perfect for online gaming.

500GB of storage space

Companies at all levels manage more data than ever before, which means storage is an increasing concern. That’s why all OVHcloud dedicated servers offer 500GB of storage as standard, with the option of increasing this, if required.

Use cases

Hosting websites and e-commerce platforms

A bare-metal dedicated server is an ideal web hosting solution for your website or e-commerce platform, offering maximum security, scalability and high availability.

Business applications (ERP and CRM)

Raw power and performance is essential for critical business applications like ERP and CRM systems, which makes bare metal the ideal solution, with none of the limitation of shared hosting services.


For any virtualisation project, a dedicated bare metal server is the ideal foundation on which to build, offering the CPUs and RAM needed to power your virtual machines. This way, you can combine the flexibility of virtualisation with the power of dedicated resources.

Assistance and documentation

A range of documentation and online support is available to assist you in setting up and managing your dedicated server.

Guides and documentation
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

OVHcloud bare-metal server

What is a bare-metal server ?

A bare-metal server is any server that is deployed without any software or virtualisation layer, allowing you to access 100% of the available resources and disk space, and utilise them however best suits your projects. These servers can be run in isolation, connected to an on-premises server, or integrated with cloud solutions, for the creation of sophisticated hybrid cloud environments. Furthermore, you can install your choice of operating system, with Linux, Windows, Plesk and cPanel ready to install in a single click.

Why use a bare-metal server?

When it comes to guaranteed resources, bare-metal dedicated servers are unmatched. And by provisioning your dedicated server at an OVHcloud datacentre, you enjoy a world-class server, delivered in just 120 seconds, that you manage autonomously through the OVHcloud Control Panel. This way, you enjoy the power and performance of an on-premises private server, with no need to manage the server hardware, and the ability to locate your sites and applications close to where you and your customers are located. Put simply, a managed dedicated server offers the best of bother worlds.