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AI and Machine Learning OVHcloud

The power of artificial intelligence to empower everyone

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often seen as an aspect of data science reserved only for those who are experienced in the field. At OVHcloud, we believe in the outstanding potential of this practice in all business sectors. And we believe that the complexity of it should not be an obstacle in the usage of big data and machine learning. This is why we focus our efforts on delivering tools that can help tackle the challenges faced by businesses, like predictive analysis of data sets, and making tools easier to use for all user profiles.

How to build and use your models

Collecting and preparing data

Machine learning involves using a very high volume of data, which must be easy to access and clean. The Data Analytics solution will help with this collection and preparation.

Creating and training models

Develop and train your own machine learning and deep learning models and algorithms.

In just a few clicks, get the computing power of our GPUs for ultra-fast training tasks.


Move from prototype to production in just a few clicks. Use your preferred tools and frameworks, like TensorFlow, PMML and ONNX.

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OVHcloud takes sovereignty and freedom for personal data very seriously. You can retrieve your data at any time, using standard protocols.

Computing capacity

With industrialised datacentres and automated deployments, OVHcloud offers high computing capacity at the best price for data analytics.

Compliance and security for data

As a cloud provider responsible for hosting personal data, our commitment involves respecting data confidentiality.


In the world of data, open-source solutions are now the most mature, high-performance offerings. OVHcloud values the importance of basing its solutions on open-source software, like the Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark suites.


Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. With our health data hosting compliance*, you can host French healthcare data securely.

* Coming soon