A team dedicated to supporting Enterprise-level accounts

A team to support key accounts

Get round-the-clock support from engineers, who are there to help you monitor your requests. They will do this regardless of the criticality level, and the service concerned.

Custom service

We are keen to build a solid relationship with your teams, based on sharing information openly and transparently. These discussions will give us a better understanding of your infrastructure, and the challenges you face. You can send us your requests via a unique telephone number (freephone) and email address. You can also use the OVH Control Panel to submit your requests to our technical Business Support team. Each request is then monitored and handled jointly with the Account Manager.

Optimal reaction times

We want to be sure that your company meets its goals at every vital stage. We are also committed to implementing whatever is necessary to ensure that your demands are met efficiently. We review these demands as a matter of priority, depending on the urgency of the situation, so that we can provide you with quick answers. In addition, we keep in close contact with our datacentre teams, which means we can warn you about any maintenance in advance. We are also directly in contact with our supply team. This means that we can provide you with customised servers, depending on what is available in our datacentres and racks.


Do you have a technical issue? Do you have questions about our solutions and commercial concerns? With Business support, you have a team of passionate engineers on hand, who make a point of providing the best customer service possible. Together with your teams and OVHcloud experts, we can advise you on our infrastructure, and devise action plans and improvement roadmaps.

Register for Business support

Price: from £191.05 ex. VAT/month

Account Manager Support Business OVH

Account Manager

When you sign up to a service, the Business Support team will work closely with an Account Manager to provide you with support. They act as a real backbone to your development, and support you in driving your projects to success. They also manage both sales and contractual monitoring in a way that suits your specific requirements. This expert is assigned to you, and will help you build a strategic alignment between OVHcloud and your executive committee.

Ingénieur avant vente Support Business OVH

Pre-sales Engineer

You can be assigned a Pre-sales Engineer at the beginning of your contract, who will review any infrastructure requirements linked to our solutions. This way, we support you at each stage, designing a tailor-made platform that fits your business objectives.

Support Standard OVH


We work hard to provide you with as much information as possible on service setup. With the support of an Account Manager, we will organise a sync meeting to provide you with details on how Business Support is organised, and how it works. This meeting will help build a good rapport, and align your expectations with the Account Manager.

Système de priorité des demandes Support Business OVH

Request priority system

To guarantee consistent, optimised support, our priority system helps us gather precise information on the nature of your requests, so that we can act in accordance with their criticality level. You can also use our online support system to monitor your technical requests.

Solutions Architect

You can rely on one of our Solutions Architects to design and model your IT infrastructure. This ensures you are well equipped to make the best decisions when it comes to sizing your infrastructure. The Architect will help with analysis, workload estimations and provide technical documents (there is an additional charge for this service, based on a quotation).

OVHcloud Events

There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to meet our experts at exhibitions, meetups and events, such as the OVH Academies. Take advantage of these opportunities to chat about our services and how they fit into your infrastructure. You can view our list of events and sign up for them here.

Infrastructure and security audits

Working with our Quality team, we provide audit reports on security and documentation related to the certification of your infrastructure. Click for more information

Service level objectives (SLO)

OVHcloud works hard to handle incidents within the following timeframes:





Request handling time* Priority (P1)

An incident affecting the availability of all or most services — critical impact for customers

Thirty (30) minutes
  Priority (P2) An incident affecting part of the services — critical or significant impact for customers Sixty (60) minutes
  Priority (P3) An incident resulting in degraded services — moderate impact for customers Four (4) hours
  Priority (P4) Support or advice request — minimal impact for the customer Eight (8) hours

*The ‘handling time’ is the time period between the point at which the incident ticket is processed by OVHcloud, and the point at which the incident is handled by the Business Support team. ‘Handling’ refers to the incident ticket being processed by OVHcloud, not the point at which the incident is resolved.

**We cannot provide any guarantee that we can meet the service levels defined above.


When an incident ticket is opened, the priority is qualified by the customer, then confirmed by OVHcloud when it is processed.