Une équipe dédiée au support des grands comptes OVH

Our most comprehensive and responsive support

No matter your industry (financial services, administration, healthcare, large-scale distribution, banking or medical data hosting, and more), OVHcloud will provide you with international support. Our global team is made up of Technical Account Managers, Key Account Managers, Solutions Architects and Engineers. They will provide you with comprehensive technical and strategic support, as well as quick resolution of unforeseen incidents.


Priority given to your support requests, 24/7. Priority given for stock and delivery schedules. Custom monitoring for OVHcloud services, organised by a Technical Account Manager. Dedicated support for your projects, from OVHcloud experts.


OVHcloud will support you with your projects, from the very earliest planning to setup. During the pre-sales phase, our Solutions Architects and Key Account Managers will offer you custom technical support. They will advise you on the best ways to use OVHcloud services, and anticipate your requirements in terms of future scalability and technological developments. And with a type of management that is adapted to your business challenges, you get the right level of visibility to take strategic decisions that are important for your projects. With Enterprise support, you get direct access to the production chain, via your Technical Account Manager. You also get shorter waiting times when it comes to your projects and orders being finalised.

Proactivity & Transparency

Your IT infrastructure is subject to regular custom monitoring, so you will be informed of any maintenance operations. We will clearly detail how the maintenance will be carried out, and any potential impacts it will have. In most cases, you will also be able to select a slot from a wide time range, so that it is carried out with minimal impact on your business. With certain tests (disaster recovery plans, infrastructure migration, etc.), our experts will help you design a project plan. After this, we will coordinate with the teams who need to carry out these operations, depending on what your requirements are.

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Please feel free to contact our sales advisors for any further information.

Technical Account Manager Support Enterprise OVHcloud

Technical Account Manager

Technical Account Managers guarantee that their Enterprise customers’ infrastructures are working properly, and they are also responsible for regularly monitoring your OVHcloud solutions.

This representative will work with you on a day-to-day basis to help you take full advantage of your platforms. They will also help you get your projects off the ground, and ensure compliance with OVHcloud’s quality standards.

Every month, they will draw up an activity report. This report will list the availability rates for your services, the progress of support tickets. Customers using Hosted Private Cloud will also be provided with a dashboard where they can monitor their resource usage.

The Technical Account Manager will also provide you with recommendations during your regular reviews, along with an activity and new feature summary.

Finally, if you require advanced or specialist support, they can gather one or more specialists for you (architects, security experts, etc.).

Key Account Manager Support Enterprise OVH

Key Account Manager

OVHcloud’s Key Accounts team works closely and directly with customers.

The Key Account Manager voices customer opinions on our services, and will offer you services that are best-suited to the challenges you face in your business.

They work closely with our Solutions Architects, and help you monitor your projects from start to finish — from their launch, until the offer and contracting phases. Our operational teams are mobilised by Technical Account Managers, and they are then responsible for ensuring that your projects are carried out correctly.

Our Key Account Managers are technical experts, and will also help you formulate responses to calls for tenders.

Formation / animation Support Enterprise OVH

Events and training

All through the year, you can meet our experts at salons, meet-ups and events like the OVH Academy. Events like this are a great opportunity to discuss our services, and find out how you can integrate them into your infrastructure. You can view our list of events and sign up for them here.

We can also organise workshops, as well as private, tailor-made training, either at OVHcloud, or on your premises (OVH Academy).

Assistance Technique Support Enterprise OVH

Technical support

We have set up a support system with four priority levels, to optimise the way we monitor your support requests.

This way, we can also take action as soon as possible. This system helps us quickly detect the level of technical support required, so that we can guarantee you the very highest level of customer satisfaction.

For example, a request sent during an unforeseen event that affects your production is evaluated as maximum priority (P1). A think tank will be organised by the Technical Account Manager. They will then coordinate the actions between our teams, so that we can get your service up and running again as quickly as we can.

This support is provided 24/7, for all OVH services. Our engineers can also be contacted via phone and through support tickets.

Continuous Improvement

We are always working hard to improve our services and customer experience, so we now offer on-demand technical and/or organisational workshops. We are also keen to hear about any new features or improvements you need, so that we can add them to our roadmaps and offer them to all of our customers.

Additional Options

- Private racks

- Security/certification audits

- Detailed advice from Solutions Architects and DevOps