Personal data protection

Personal data protection

OVHcloud and personal data protection:

Founded in 1999, OVHcloud is now one of the leading names in the cloud industry, with a presence in 19 countries across the world. We have over 1 million customers and we take customer data and security extremely seriously.

When you decide to outsource some or all of the hosting for the data that your organisation processes to OVHcloud, you are entrusting us with a share of your information assets. We are aware of the issues that this can represent for your company, particularly when it comes to compliance with the relevant data protection regulations. This is why OVHcloud is providing the most complete information possible on issues concerning the protection of personal data.

Personal data protection regulations

There are currently various documents covering data protection in place at the national, international, and European levels. The most important ones are the following:

OVHcloud undertakes to abide by its obligations in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It's this commitment to compliance in particular which means that OVHcloud’s customers can also meet some of their own regulatory obligations. We strongly advise all our customers to be particularly vigilant on these aspects of compliance. Other, more specific regulations may exist, including for certain specific categories of personal data. In such cases, organisations are solely responsible for correctly identifying the regulations applicable to their business activities, and achieving compliance with them. Choosing the right provider, especially when it comes to the cloud, is essential if you want to meet your own obligations on protecting personal data.