OVH support, committed to our customers

OVHcloud is committed to its customers


Each support level is designed to meet different requirements. 

OVHcloud proactively monitors its own IT infrastructures, which means that we carry out interventions in our datacentres 24/7. In addition we offer various levels of support. 

If you experience an incident, there are several ways that you can contact customer support: telephone, live chat (coming soon) and email.  Do you need to contact our specialists directly, to help you configure and use our solutions? Discover what each level of support offers, and choose the one most suited to you.


The scope of OVHcloud technical support


Within the scope of OVHcloud responsibility  

Outside the scope of OVHcloud responsibility  

OVHcloud equipment management


OVHcloud network management


OVHcloud maintenance operations


Resolution of problems linked to OVHcloud server updates

Resolution of problems linked to the functioning of OVHcloud services

Resolution of problems linked to the functioning of the OVH Control Panel or OVH APIs


Code development


Maintenance, unblocking, outages and support for software not developed by OVHcloud  


Webmastering, source code, development or website updates


Management of distributions and customised operating systems


System administration


Management of databases


Customisation of OVH APIs


Management and maintenance of non-OVHcloud equipment and network


DNS management


SSH configuration:


Management of customer data (backups)



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