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OVHcloud domains offer a solution for all your website projects. Whether you’re looking to create an online portfolio, carve out a web presence for your business, or set up an e-commerce platform; our DNS service is optimised for your website needs and purposes.

Our flexible service offers increased security, as well as additional features and management tools.

With a range of extensions to choose from, and at competitive prices, registering your domain name is a simple first step towards making your website a reality.



Individuals can protect their digital identity, if they don’t have a webpage, they can reserve a domain name and redirect it to their social media account. OVH also offer a personal email address linked to the domain name - perfect for impressing recruiters.


Professionals choose from a wide range of extensions and enjoy a custom email address to suit the needs of their online business. OVHcloud users also benefit from optimised security and protection against fraudulent activities.


Resellers choose from a wide range of extensions and enjoy the flexibility to configure domain names and customise DNS zones. They also benefit from a range of internet domain tools, with access to API management software.


OWO email

Protect your personal information a top level WHOIS service. OVHcloud provides an OWO email address that replaces your personal email address in WHOIS. Protected against spam, your OWO email account redirects your mail without disclosing personal details to your visitors.

DNSSEC service

Protect your data from DNS cache poisoning with DNSSEC service. The DNSSEC guarantees the authenticity of the DNS response. When the browser sends a request, it receives an authentication key, certifying that the IP provided is correct. This prevents phishing attempts and other malicious activity.

DNS management

Configure your domain name and customise your DNS zone: point your domain to your website, customise the management of your email addresses, configure your sub-domains DNS zone, and easily distribute your site load.

10 MB of free hosting with every domain name

Start10M is included with your domain name and activated via the Control panel. It gives you 10 MB of free hosting space to get you started.

Assistance and documentation

A range of documentation and online support is available to assist you in setting up and managing your domain name.

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OVHcloud Community
OVHcloud Community
Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

How to get a new domain name?

Securing a domain name is relatively straight-forward. Once you have decided on a custom domain name, perform a domain search on OVHcloud domains page to lookup the domain names availability, and then choose an extension (suffix).

You are then given the option to add additional feature to your DNS package, as well as the option to pair your purchase with a hosting plan.

After reviewing your order, you will be asked to configure your Content Delivery network (CDN); declaring your domains via the OVH Control Panel and configuring the network in a way that is optimal for your usage.

Finally, you will purchase a domain name - making a payment that will be renewed annually.

How much is a domain name?

On our domains page, we display a range of popular domain extensions (suffix), some of which are offered at a discount price. At the time of writing, a ‘.com’ extension will cost the customer £6.99 ex. VAT/year, reduced from £9.99.

If you need a local extension for you web address, such as .london; or something more specific, such as .io; then prices can vary. To find out more about pricing and availability please visit our domain page here.

When purchasing a domain name from a hosting company or webhost, always check the domain name registration price against the renewal price.

How to choose a perfect domain name?

As a general rule, the best domain names are simple, memorable and easy to type.

If users have to think twice about wording or spelling, it’s probably worth rethinking your domain name. It’s also important to consider whether your domain name works as a webmail extension. You may want to include a hyphen to denote a space between words.

An effective domain name will clearly communicate the core offering of your website – you might consider using specific domain name extensions; such as .shop or .store. or including a trademark

How do I host a domain?

The first step is to register your domain name. Choose from our range of domain names and follow the registration process

Now you want to set up your web hosting. A web hosting plan will enable you to host your domain on remote servers.

The next step is to connect your own domain name to your hosting service so it can find you. Inside your domain name Control Panel, you will need to find the nameservers section and point your domain name to the DNS servers. To do this, copy the primary and secondary DNS servers - provided in your hosting plan - into name server 1 and name server 2 in the Cpanel.