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VivaDrive helps companies optimize fleet costs, including fuel consumption, mechanical service, insurance, and driving safety. VivaDrive also helps you bring electric vehicles into your organization and manage them. The VivaDrive project goal is to support development for fleets moving to electric, assess the suitability of the charging site, and estimate the cost of infrastructure installation.


65% less dangerous behavior on the road


750 tons of C02 potentially eliminated per annually

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€850 savings per car


Established in 2019, VivaDrive specializes in creating personalized solutions for managing and automating processes related to corporate vehicle fleets. Its business is centered on two areas. The first is based on optimizing operating costs and managing vehicle fleets. The second is based on helping organizations implement electric vehicles and low-emission modes of transportation. These activities are carried out in parallel, and both are supported by OVHcloud cloud solutions.

VivaDrive’s response to the climate crisis is making it easier for companies to incorporate electric cars into their fleets by providing them processes to decarbonize and ESG reporting related to their vehicle fleets.

The company offers its own fleet audit solutions for electromobility and subsequent fleet management. They make it possible to determine which vehicles are worth converting to electric, assess the predisposition of drivers to operate an EV, as well as provide specifications and implementation plans for charging infrastructures. The company intends to expand its services and implement multimodal transportation solutions, including public transportation, scooters, or bicycles. VivaDrive’s goal is to enlarge its customer portfolio by entering the French, Italian and Benelux markets.

The company's largest project in the first part of its business is the recently launched PZU iFlota partner program, that offers digital solutions for fleets. It focuses on three aspects: optimizing operating costs, digital fleet insurance service and improving fleet safety through personalized prevention programs.

The challenge

VivaDrive was looking for a partner that would enable it to implement projects by being able to host all its solutions in a private infrastructure, while maintaining the highest level of security. This was particularly important for the PZU iFlota project. The priority and biggest challenge in implementation was meeting the strict security requirements of the company. The level of security required can be compared to the level of personal data protection used for payment cards or banks.

VivaDrive needed a European cloud provider due to regulations, especially those concerning the transfer of personal data, which require servers to be located in Europe.

"The PZU iFlota fleet system required a solution that would maintain the highest security standards while offering us flexibility and scalability. OVHcloud met our expectations, including being in the European Union. The Hosted Private Cloud solution provides us with a physical machine exclusively for our project, with no sharing of resources. In addition, it guarantees the PCI DSS security level which requires that this machine be housed in a special, isolated part of the datacentre. We see similar solutions used by companies in the financial sector," - says Radek Czajka, CTO in VivaDrive.

The solution

OVHcloud enables VivaDrive to seamlessly host all the company's projects as needed - on public cloud or, in the case of the PZU iFlota project, on the project’s required private infrastructure. Typically, cloud solutions are highly structured and projects requiring more stringent data protection, can be a constraint for companies. Therefore, OVHcloud with its flexible, tailor-made approach was the ideal solution. OVHcloud's servers located in western European countries are an important aspect for VivaDrive, which plans to expand its services.

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One of the most important advantages of cooperation for VivaDrive is OVHcloud's partnership approach. The company guarantees flexible solutions and customises many aspects to specific customer needs. VivaDrive also emphasizes that it can always count on the reliable support and advice provided by dedicated teams, something that you cannot expect from other large providers. It is also important for VivaDrive to be able to participate in the Advanced Partnership Program, where both parties discuss joint projects. In addition, VivaDrive greatly appreciates the support from OVHcloud's technical specialists.

“Though demanding, the rewards outweigh the challenges, and we were glad to have OVHcloud by our side, in implementing the PZU iFlota project. The company not only supported us with issues concerning the security of the infrastructure’s data storage, but also from the side of RODO, which was invaluable in the implementation process. In addition, the commitment of the company's representatives, flexibility and promptness in answering all our questions made up a premium service in every respect. While working with OVHcloud, we were confident that the company would provide us with the right technical and organizational solutions to guarantee the security of our customers' sensitive data. We hope to have more projects ahead of us to grow our business together,"– says Mateusz Maj, CEO of VivaDrive.

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