Employing an open and trusted infrastructure to push 100 million web and mobile notifications
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20,299,530,197 - number of notifications


100 million subscribers - infrastructure potential


3  Datacentres - multi-cloud approach


PushPushGo is a company that is part of the Vercom S.A. group. It is one of the leading providers of web and mobile push solutions that offers its services worldwide. This year the company is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Recently, it has been gaining a lot of customers, both in Poland and in global markets - mainly in the Balkans and South America.

Web and mobile push is an easy-to-use method of communicating with customers and building positive relationships. Notifications display on users' devices even if they are not currently on the site that sends them. This allows you to inform subscribers of changes to your offerings, the latest information, encourage them to return to your site or app, as well as, thanks to automation scenarios, remind them of abandoned transactions and recommend products based on previous interests.

As part of its development, PushPushGo is currently working to educate the market, since web and mobile push notifications, like any other marketing communication, can be considered as spam. PushPushGo is educating customers on how to do it best - with what frequency and how to formulate messages so that push notifications are not too intrusive for users.

PushPushGo mainly works with larger companies (supporting them with mass campaigns and message targeting), but in March 2022, the company introduced PushPushGo Lite, a service aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It offers similar services to those for larger companies but scaled accordingly.



From the very beginning of PushPushGo, employing the appropriate technology for push services was a priority. In 2021, the platform's users sent as many as 20,299,530,197 notifications, which required the correct infrastructure–GDPR complaint and datacentres worldwide. The company's challenge became the rapidly growing number of push notifications. This increase in notifications, created the need for well-functioning third-party services that would provide secure data storage, and the need to make changes to its own infrastructure.


As part of the partnership, OVHcloud provids PushPushGo with a core infrastructure to send mobile and web push notifications to more than 100 million subscribers. Currently, the company uses a hybrid infrastructure - it runs more demanding services on Advance series dedicated servers, and services that need more RAM (such as Redis) or that help manage the infrastructure, on public cloud instances. PushPushGo uses several datacentres in Europe (in France, Germany and Poland), which allows it to operate in compliance with GDPR rules. The company's partnership with OVHcloud has been in place since 2017. During this time, the company has grown significantly, and infrastructure capabilities have kept pace with emerging needs.

Currently, PushPushGo's infrastructure consists of multiple vendors. Depending on what is needed, the company decides on the provider with the best set of tools. For this reason, it also has some of its services on AWS, GCP and Azure, making it a multi-cloud.

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PushPushGo's work is greatly facilitated by the fact that OVHcloud has datacentres in different countries that serve a variety of foreign markets. The distribution of the centers provides the company with redundancy at the geolocation level. Thus, PushPushGo customers are assured of the highest quality of service through data replication and distribution across 3 datacentres (DCs). Each DC can operate independently in the event of a critical failure and then serve as a data source for restoring the other two. This distribution of datacentres is also a formal convenience when it comes to GDPR laws– information is not sent all over the world, but everything stays local. This is very helpful in legal terms.

PushPushGo has been working with OVHcloud since its inception. An advantage of this cooperation is the fact that OVHcloud is one of the few service providers that does not impose egress fees for sent data. This is a very important element for the company, given that it sends more than 600TB of data per month, which with other providers could mean costs mounting to tens of thousands of dollars. PushPushGo also appreciates the helpful account management and support in operating and maintaining the system.

“From the start of PushPushGo, we decided to cooperate with OVHcloud, and we are glad that we chose such a partner. Even when we’ve experienced difficulties, we received adequate support every time, and communication with OVHcloud is always at the highest level. It is also worth mentioning the active cooperation on the part of OVHcloud itself, which regularly invites us to conferences and meetings that allow us to build even better relations and exchange knowledge. In the long run, we see a wide field of cooperation that will lead us into the future.” – Dawid Mędrek, CEO and co-founder PushPushGo.