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$300m total value locked


40+ enterprise customers


Mainnet validators on 23 blockchains

Executive summary

Bware Labs delivers a powerful blockchain infrastructure built to meet the challenges of Web3. The company aims to play a major role in blockchain adoption worldwide, offering a growing ecosystem of products designed for successful Web3 innovation.

Bware Labs’ flagship product – Blast – is one of the world’s fastest blockchain API platforms. Using hundreds of globally distributed third-party node providers, Blast offers instant access to the most relevant networks in the blockchain space, enabling Web3 developers to meet their infrastructure needs and start building in just a couple of clicks.

Other products in the Bware Labs ecosystem include Faucets, Snapshots, and support for AppChains on Avalanche and Polygon. As a reliable and secure platform, Bware Labs can also support blockchain projects as a validator and bridge operator. It is trusted by 18 blockchain providers to secure their networks, with over 10k active delegators and a total locked value of $300m.

The challenge

To host Blast, Bware Labs was using a virtual private server (VPS) solution from a major cloud provider. However, as Blast started gaining traction with customers, the hosting solution needed to be scaled-up to cope with demand – leading to a rapid increase in infrastructure and network costs, as well as decreased performance. Bware Labs therefore required an alternative hosting solution that could be scaled easily, whilst optimising cost and performance.

Our collaboration with OVHcloud has been very fruitful since we started using the platform and we are especially thankful to our account manager. We are always happy to collaborate with professional individuals and companies, and OVHcloud offers such a possibility.

Flavian Manea, CEO at Bware Labs

The solution

As VPS hosting shares its resources with multiple users, this can reduce performance, so Bware Labs needed to replace its VPS solution with a dedicated hosting solution. Adopting dedicated hosting would enable Blast to better handle increased traffic, whilst also offering more control around security and scalability.

After testing products from several major cloud providers, Bware Labs found the perfect solution in OVHcloud Advance Dedicated Servers – a powerful range of servers designed for hosting complex and critical infrastructure.

Built on next-generation components, Advance Servers deliver high-performance and high-speed connectivity. They contain Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) hardware for increased data protection, and network-boosting features, such as Link Aggregation, to reduce the risk of downtime during peak traffic. Advance Servers also contain ultra-fast NVMe storage, which is built to handle complex workloads. These capabilities made Advance Servers ideal for hosting Blast, which needed the capacity to scale-up, whilst also ensuring consistent speed and performance for its users. The addition of Intel SGX technology would also protect user data from theft and corruption, keeping it secured within an isolated, encrypted enclave.

With over 33 datacentres worldwide, OVHcloud offers a robust global infrastructure, enabling its customers to benefit from high availability in multiple locations. This was perfect for Bware Labs, as Blast has a distributed architecture and hundreds of users worldwide. To connect this architecture to its Advance Servers, Bware Labs used OVHcloud’s vRack Private Network, which offers a simple platform for connecting and managing complex architecture, whilst retaining availability and shielding traffic from the internet. This would deliver further network resilience for Blast as it scaled, whilst also ensuring protection for user data.

For these solutions, OVHcloud offers a transparent pay-as-you-go billing structure, which can be monitored easily via control panel. This flexible commercial model would enable Bware Labs to control costs as it scaled and avoid paying for unnecessary resources. To ensure rapid business continuity in the event of an incident or downtime, Bware Labs also opted for Business Support, which delivers 24/7 technical support and a guaranteed first response within 30 minutes.

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The result

Partnering with OVHcloud enabled Bware Labs to deliver Blast – one of the fastest blockchain API platforms on the market. This high-performance solution required a powerful platform for success, which Bware Labs found in OVHcloud’s portfolio of solutions.

Advance Servers delivered the performance Blast needed to handle peak traffic, whilst OVHcloud’s global datacentre footprint and vRack Private Network delivered fast, secure and resilient network availability. This, combined with a transparent commercial model, ensured Blast was able to scale cost-effectively, whilst maintaining speed and performance.

Bware Labs and OVHcloud look forward to a continued partnership, with plans to work together on expanding the reach of Blast and to further the empowerment of Web3 developers worldwide.

    We are happy with the way our platform behaves using OVHcloud services. We are really impressed with the flat-fee for certain networking capabilities and, of course, with the quality of support.

Flavian Manea, CEO at Bware Labs