Innovative car parking and EV charging solutions company chooses OVHcloud


3 times more users


2 times more parking lots served


15% faster in implementing functionalities

The context

is an innovative plug-and-play parking system that digitizes existing parking infrastructure and solves EV parking and charging problems. By optimizing space, renting and providing EV charging points in a secure and automated manner, the Share.P mobile app addresses current challenges, such as the lack of card payment options or EV infrastructure and charging needs. It also facilitates innovations that improve accessibility and the quality of use of parking spaces for all users at a low cost. The company is guided by the idea that technological innovation is a necessary step towards sustainable mobility, so the effect of its actions is to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Initially, the business was based on the idea of designing a service for sharing parking spaces that would operate similarly to services that facilitate apartment rentals - it consisted in providing users with a parking space, for a selected period, whether for hours, weekends or even a week. The application made it possible for individuals to sublet unused parking spaces to other users. Using the app, drivers can reserve a space of their choice in advance, pay for it, and in the case of spaces behind a barrier or gate, open it with the touch of a button on their phone. The app increases the number of available parking places in cities where parking spots are scarce and allows owners of spaces to be refunded, at least in partial, for the value of their unused parking space.

Over the past two years, Share.P has undergone a transformation that has brought changes to its offers - the company has moved beyond the idea of sharing parking spaces to focus on managing entire parking lots in housing estates, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, or convention centers. It also started to offer unique solutions to customers with specific needs. As the infrastructure of larger venues often provides rapid charging stations, the company has developed a solution benefiting both electric car owners and venue owners. The Share.P app allows private individuals who don't have their own rapid charging stations to be able to charge their cars while providing venue owners with an additional revenue stream, such as for offices during the evening and night hours when employees leave the parking lots.


The challenge

Share.P by virtue of securing a grant guaranteeing a cloud service, was looking for an alternative provider offering an infrastructure that met specific requirements. The company wanted a stable system that would ensure smooth operations and minimum maintenance.

The Solution

The infrastructure offered by OVHcloud allowed the company to store the systems needed to work on the service. Share.P first moved the development environment and then the production environment. Currently, OVHcloud hosts three of the main components on which the business is based. These are: the core of the mobile application, a service for managing chargers, and a service currently under development for managing devices, such as those used to open barriers remotely, with which the application must be connected. The company currently stores its data on servers located in Warsaw. In the future, as it expands to the west, the company intends to locate data on servers in Germany or the UK.

"Virtually the entire system we currently use is based on technology provided by OVHcloud. It includes the database, the cluster on which our services are located, the entire development and production system (2 environments) and the management panel. The smooth functioning of the system is greatly facilitated by the acceleration of functions within a single provider,"– Paweł Gorzelewski, co-founder & CTO w Share.P.

The Advantages

Some of the advantages of working with OVHcloud are very good QoS and technical support that is offered on attractive terms. A very important element of the partnership is that it is based on a mutual understanding at each stage of business. Share.P is ensured the full support of specialists from diverse areas of cooperation, which distinguishes OVHcloud’s service from its competitors.


"During our migration, we didn't quite know how to approach the issue of data transfer and upon a call to OVHcloud support, we were immediately taken care of by an experienced DevOps who cleared all our doubts. On the other hand, during an appearance at an industry event, we were demoing our system and ran into a  minor problem with the infrastructure.  We were able to get immediate help, which enabled us to avoid a potential crisis situation." - Marek Wojdyło, co-founder i CDO.