A scalable solution for Leetify’s AI gaming coach

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Leetify are an innovative start-up breaking ground in the gaming space. They offer an AI powered coach for the popular multiplayer shooter CS:GO. The company tracks players performance, providing them with instant feedback on their matches. It also lets players compare results with their friends and teaches them how to win more matches.

A scalable solution for Leetify’s AI gaming coach


100k monthly users

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70 TB of data processed per month

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50% cost savings 


Leetify’s relationship with OVHcloud began in early 2022 when they joined the OVHcloud Startup Program. The program offers free IT infrastructure credit for start-ups and scale-ups, as well as resources training and a range of marketing opportunities. So far, the program has assisted 2500 growing companies with cloud credits and solution architecture, helping to facilitate exponential and international growth. Leetify process more than 2 million matches per month, while delivering instant results to users. In terms of sheer data, this translates into 70TB digested per month.


Initially, Leetify had partnered with one of the major cloud providers, but as they started scaling, their infrastructure costs became unmanageable. With such a vast amount of data to process, the start-up needed a solution that met their growing database needs but wouldn’t lead to runaway IT costs.  As Leetify grew, it became apparent that Dedicated Server hosting would be an ideal option. Dedicated Servers support growth as they are highly scalable and can be customised to meet specific needs and business goals. But as Leetify continued to scale, there was another cost bottleneck – bandwidth.


With scalability in mind, Leetify chose to invest in OVHcloud’s highly customisable Dedicated Servers. The servers not only gave them the control they needed, but an unbeatable price to performance ratio- complete with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99%, security features such as Anti-DDoS protection, full root access, and a range of support services. Thanks to OVHcloud support, Leetify were able to easily configure Dedicated Servers to meet their database needs.

To meet high bandwidth requirements, Leetify chose to integrate their server setup with OVHcloud Public Cloud. The Public Cloud solutions integrated perfectly with the Dedicated Servers via private networks and came without the "hidden" costs associated with bandwidth. OVHcloud’s guaranteed bandwidth options offer unlimited and unmetered traffic, on-demand “burst” options to absorb peak traffic, and network connectivity that adapts to the needs and location of users.

“Billing is simple and easy to understand, and therefore it’s easy to predict our scaling needs”

Vitalii Zurian, CTO & Co-Founder at Leetify

Unlike the major providers, OVHcloud can provide Leetify with a dedicated account manager. This helps ensure that solution architecture responds to customer requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The company have since started utilising a large range of Public Cloud services offered by OVHcloud. These Public Cloud solutions include:


Public Cloud SolutionOVHcloud benefits

Public Cloud Instances (to run their CD/CI tools)

  • Simple to use and on-demand for total flexibility
  • The power of premium servers

Object Storage (TBs of data)

  • Optimised for high-power computing workloads
  • Store large volumes of data securely with competitive storage costs
  • Host your data catalogue

PostgreSQL Managed Database

  • Optimised for transactional data
  • Highly available including backups
  • Supports spatial management

Redis Managed Database

  • Session caching for reduced latency
  • Database management system (DBMS) for optimised processing
  • Real time analysis

Load Balancers

  • Automated node management
  • Kubernetes integration
  • Optimised for high volumes of traffic

Managed KubernetesService

  • Fully managed by OVHcloud
  • Reversible, multi/hybrid cloud
  • Focus on your containerised software layers
Managed Private Registry
  • Full interoperability
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Dedicated Harbor interface.
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“Thanks to OVHcloud solutions, our costs savings are roughly 50%”

Vitalii Zurian, CTO & Co-Founder at Leetify

Leetify’s infrastructure setup delivers an uninterrupted service to their growing user base. Thanks to highly scalable infrastructure with predictable and transparent pricing, the company’s key need for scalability – without spiraling costs – is now met. Leetify utilise OVHcloud products and services in tandem with services from other providers with very little effort – this means no delays, no downtime for users, and zero wasted resources. In partnership with OVHcloud, Leetify have been able to halve their total costs. This is primarily because of OVHcloud’s unlimited and unmetered bandwidth policy.

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