CDN Infrastructure

Content Delivery Network (CDN) completes your cloud infrastructure

A CDN is essential for optimising access to your web applications from anywhere in the world. Whether you have an OVHcloud dedicated sever or Virtual Private Server (VPS), our fully managed CDN Infrastructure solution is the perfect option to complete your cloud infrastructure. If you are taking a multi-cloud approach choose our CDN in addition to your usual cloud provider. It’s compatible!

Easy to use and ready to start

Network CDN infrastructure

It’s very easy to set up, just 3 steps and you're done!

1. Declare your domain names and set the origin server IP address for each domain.

2. Update your DNS to set the CDN Infrastructure solution as your frontend.

3. We'll generate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for you.

Everything is included for you to easily start your CDN Infrastructure:

Domains or sub-domains names
✔ Up to 1000

Frontend IP address

✔ 1 Dedicated Anycast IP for your CDN Infrastructure 

Backend IP address

✔ 10 Backend IP addresses for your origin servers
If you need more, see the option below

Custom cache rules

✔ 10 custom cache rules per domain name

If you need more, see the option below  (Up to 1000 rules)

Traffic - outgoing bandwidth

1 TB of credit offered at subscription
If you need more, see our pre-paid plans below
Purge✔ Per Cache rule and per Domain

Traffic pre-paid plans

Every new subscription receives an initial, free 1 TB quota for outgoing bandwidth.

Once you begin using the service, you can order more pre-paid bandwidth, as you go. This is done directly from your control panel.

Credit more, save more! Check out our degressive pricing:

Pre-Paid PlanPrice
+1 TB
€9.99 ex. VAT
+10 TB
€79.99 ex. VAT
+100 TB
€599.99 ex. VAT

+1,000 TB

€5,999.99 ex. VAT

Make the difference with our fully managed CDN Infrastructure solution

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International coverage

Present on both sides of the Atlantic, our service offers you an efficient loading of your site in Europe as well as in the United States.

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Anti-DDoS protection

Like all other OVHcloud solutions, the CDN Infrastructure offer is protected from distributed denial-of-service attacks. Our web services are delivered with the very strictest protection.

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Boosted caching

The CDN Infrastructure solution constantly analyses your website's content and ensures that your cache is always up to date.

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Anycast routing

Your website’s traffic is redirected to the nearest OVHcloud infrastructure, or an infrastructure that will deliver a quicker response.

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SSL certificate

A free & managed SSL certificate is included to guarantee that your website stays secure. You can also use your own SSL certificate.

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Management interface

Configure your products and services through our simplified, centralized interface using the OVHcloud Control Panel or APIs.

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Data compression: Brotli

Reduce the amount of data transferred and speed up your website's loading time using Gzip and Brotli algorithms.

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Statistics and logs

Be able to analyze your service consumption, several hit/miss ratio metrics and view your real-time logs.

CDN Infrastructure options


€9.99 ex. VAT

for 1TB credit


Get more outgoing bandwidth by ordering additional pre-paid credit


€1 ex. VAT/month

per ip adress


Add a backend IP and be able to use an additional origin server


€1 ex. VAT/month

for 100 rules


With this pack, get up to 100 customisable cache rules per configured domain.

What are the benefits of CDN Infrastructure?

Optimise traffic and save on infrastructure costs

Bandwidth management is primarily handled by CDN technology. It greatly reduces the burden on your hosting system by limiting traffic flow during a request. Save your bandwidth for internal and dynamic tasks instead!

By reducing the traffic on the hosting infrastructure, you save bandwidth and reduce compute power which avoids additional costs linked to your hosting service. You can transfer part of your costs to the CDN, which has an optimised bandwidth price providing you the fastest possible ROI.

To top it off, OVHcloud’s CDN being multi-site makes it possible to add as many domains to one CDN infrastructure as you like. This enables you to offset costs while adding value for your customers.

For professionals, integrate CDN into your offers and monitor sites individually

Whether you work in retail, IT services, for a web agency or as a freelancer, if you design, develop and maintain websites, CDN Infrastructure will set you apart adding value for your customers. By offering CDN in addition to hosting services, server maintenance or domain name management, your customers will enjoy all the benefits of the multi-site CDN.

With statistical data being domain-based, you have access to hit/miss statistics for: quota, traffic (outgoing bandwidth), queries for the entire anycast service and per domain. Real-time logs are available from the customer panel.

OVHcloud provides statistics for each domain, backend, and point of presence (PoP) which makes it possible to analyze the international performance of your customers' websites. You can easily demonstrate the added value that CDN Infrastructure provides them, in terms of savings, security, and SEO, by delivering detailed reports.

Manage your own cache rules

A CDN is based on the principle of caching some elements of your website in order to speed up the delivery of the content to your users no matter where they're located in the world.

Which elements are affected and by which rules?

Caching is customised. Any file on the disk space can be cached, as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum size limit. The limit to be applied to file size depends on the rules dictated by the customer in the configuration of their infrastructure and the customised backend rules, as defined in the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Would you like to start now?

It’s very easy to set up, only 3 steps and it’s done!

You can start with a 1-month initial subscription. Every new subscription receives an initial, free 1 TB quota for outgoing bandwidth.

Main uses

Speed up page loading times

The OVHcloud content delivery network enables you to optimise your website and application performance without making any changes to your hosting system or your code.

The CDN is placed between your hosting systems (OVHcloud or otherwise) and your visitors from all over the world. Content is cached in close proximity to end-users eliminating requests to your hosting servers. In this manner, sites run much faster.

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Improve user experience

What could be better for a user than browsing a fast-running and responsive site?

Gain more visitors by offering them an unparalleled user experience from their PC, tablet or mobile.

Making use of a CDN can speed up loading times considerably.

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Faster loading, more multimedia

You can host all types of content on the CDN: videos, HD photos, music, animations, and more.

The content delivery network speeds up site performance. From downloading files to multimedia contents, end-users have rapid and smooth access to content.


Who can use CDN Infrastructure?

CDN Infrastructure is particularly adapted to professionals with international websites, or those wishing to develop their business internationally, without having to deploy a complex infrastructure.

CDN Infrastructure adapts to any type of website: e-commerce, content sharing, news, blogs, etc.

Do I have to change my website code?

Generally, you won't have to change anything in your code. Simply change the IP of the DNS and point the CNAME of your domain to the CDN IP address.

However, in accordance to RFC rules, it is necessary to authorise the caching in the http header. The most important header is Cache-Control, which is a collection of diverse information concerning the cache.

How do I configure my domain with CDN Infrastructure?

To enable CDN on your website, simply change the CNAME IP address of your DNS to the one provided in the email order confirmation.

Please ensure you are authorised to change your DNS. You can then adjust your TTL, force or prevent caching, and manage the SSL certificate, etc.

Can I use an SSL certificate with CDN Infrastructure?

You can attach an SSL certificate to this IP from your OVHcloud Customer Control Panel or we could generate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for you.

How does CDN Infrastructure protect my websites against attacks?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) will act as a shield for your website by absorbing  Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks, preventing abusive crawls from overloading the server, and connection loss, etc.

Your hosting system is no longer in the firing line - it is protected by the network, reducing risks to your critical applications and in return improving QoS.

What is an Anycast IP?

An Anycast IP has specific routing. Unlike a conventional IP pointing to a unique location, an Anycast IP allows you to access several points, differentiated by the performance.

In concrete terms, a user wanting to access a website that uses the CDN will be redirected to the closest PoP in order to optimise response time. The response time is the duration of time between sending the request and the moment that a web page begins to load.

Is CDN Infrastructure configurable using API?

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of functions available for the CDN Infrastructure. It allows simple and standardised interoperability between your web applications and the OVHcloud CDN. Discover the OVHcloud API.