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OVHcloud offers simple, efficient and cheap web hosting in Canada to suit both business and personal needs. Our servers are assembled on-site by our own team of experts and are available in our datacentres all over the world. We have datacentres located in Canada, so your customers profit from Canada IPs for geolocation and better SEO.

  • Unbeatable price for hosting
  • Easy to use for getting started online
  • Professional services included
Web Hosting OVHcloud

Web hosting OVHcloud

The advantages of hosting your website in Canada

We offer comprehensive web hosting solutions across Canada. Our goal is to enable our customers to host a website from Canada on our Canadian servers, through reliable services.

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Optimal performance

The quality of the server your website is hosted on is not the only factor that determines its performance. Location is also important, as it will determine the speed at which your pages load on your customers’ browsers. By using a hosting plan in the UK, you can guarantee much quicker loading times.

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Professional services included

To help you with your business, we have designed hosting plans that come with a range of services. In addition to publishing your website or online store, you can also activate professional email accounts linked to your domain name. You get automated daily backups of your databases and the files stored on your disk space (FTP) — which you can use if you need to.

Unrivalled security

Your business is essential, so we do everything we can to make our services as secure as possible. Our Anti-DDoS solution protects all of our servers against distributed denial-of-service attacks. We also offer free SSL certificates with our Web Hosting plans, to guarantee that your visitors have a secure connection when they access your website.

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100% scalable solutions

OVHcloud has created an infrastructure that is always up to date with new web technologies. To ensure that you are at the cutting edge of the market in which your business is positioned, we work with you to provide innovative solutions. The scalability of your solutions is further enhanced by the ability to pair your hosting with other OVHcloud services, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Sustainability for you and your environment

By hosting your website with OVHcloud, you benefit from innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure, such as water-cooling for energy efficiency, and the anti-DDoS solution developed by our experts. We constantly anticipate your future needs. We are committed to a sustainable policy for you and your environment.

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We are here to help if you need help

When you choose OVHcloud for a web hosting plan in Canada, you will get technical support by phone and email from our Beauharnois location. There is also a chat room where you can contact our advisors. In addition, a range of guides and an online Help Centre are available to assist you in installing and managing your services.

Why choose OVHcloud to host your website in Canada?

Opt for our Canada web hosting solutions to get all the benefits of a company that is committed to respecting your data, and controls its entire supply chain with more than 20 years of expertise. Each of our solutions comes with services tailored to your needs, to maximise your online success. Choosing the Canadian territory for your server also indirectly allows your site to improve its visibility. Indeed, search engines like Google bring more value to local sites for specific, localised queries to a targeted audience. If your target audience is Québec, Canadian or even located in North America, you will then be ranked higher than a website hosted in Asia.

Why host your website in Canada?

Choosing a hosting provider in Canada guarantees that you will have a contact person close to you, with infrastructures and technical support based in our Beauharnois location. You also benefit from the very strictest European data protection standards, to ensure optimal privacy for both your business and your customers.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting — or website hosting — involves publishing a website, blog or e-commerce platform on the internet. In most cases, people build websites locally — i.e. on a computer, so the website cannot be searched online via a web browser. This means the website owner needs to host it — or in other words, transfer its files to a server connected to the internet. For a dynamic website, you also need to deploy the database on the same hosting plan, so that your website can connect to it to work. Want to start a web project?

Which is the best web hosting provider?

The best web hosting provider will be one that offers solutions to meet your needs and expectations. Its service must be high-performance and stable, with a comprehensive set of features to help you focus on your business. OVHcloud is Europe’s leading web hosting provider, and we take pride in our ability to offer the best solutions on the market at affordable prices.

You can view a comparison of our web hosting plans, and find the best one for your needs.

What are the advantages of hosting your website with OVHcloud?

The main advantage of hosting in the UK with OVHcloud is that you get a range of services included at no extra cost. Your web hosting plan is delivered with the configuration you need for your website to work properly, so you do not need any technical knowledge. In our hosting plans, we provide additional services like databases, SSL certificates, email accounts, and automatic backups. You can also choose where your solutions are located, depending on your needs. Want to build a turn-key website? Choose from our selection of CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla!), which are available to install as 1-click modules.

Your business will likely grow, and OVHcloud offers solutions that are adapted to suit your project’s maturity. You can get started with a web hosting plan, then switch to a dedicated server or cloud solution to develop your infrastructure.

Where should you host your website?

Once you have created your website locally on your computer, you then need to choose a hosting provider. At that point, it is time to consider which hosting plan you should choose for your website, and which region you should host it in.

If your business and customers are based in the UK, we recommend opting for a UK datacentre to maximise your website’s performance. We have UK-based sales and support teams to provide you with help and guidance, as well as a range of web hosting guides. The best place to get started is with a web hosting plan, which offers a turn-key solution at a lower cost. It is perfect for WordPress hosting, for example — with a control panel to manage your services, and a large storage space for your web files.