Joomla! Web Hosting

Quickly create a custom website with Joomla! hosting plans from OVHcloud. This open-source content management system (CMS) is one of the most popular tools on the market, and you can use it to start building your website straight away. Order your cloud hosting plan, choose Joomla! from our 1-click modules, then launch your business.


  • Easily configurable
  • Quick to deploy
  • High degree of customisation
créer un site avec Joomla!

Order your Joomla! web hosting plan

The Joomla! module can be pre-installed on all of our web hosting plans. It is designed to create and manage the content of complex websites, so we recommend signing up to the Professional plan as a minimum.

Features included with your Joomla! web hosting package

We have optimised our hosting solutions to be perfect for hosting a Joomla! website. Build your website on a ready-to-use platform. We take care of the setup and technical updates, so you can focus on developing your business and website.

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For more security and performance, choose DV, OV or EV SSL certificates.

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Anti-DDoS protection

With its exclusive anti-DDoS solution, OVHcloud ensures that your hosting system is always available, even during an attack!

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Private or shared SQL

Create as many databases as you like, combining scalability, performance and customisable configuration.

Available from the Personal plan.

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Backup and restoration

Have you modified scripts, only to discover that your website no longer works correctly? Luckily, every hosting plan includes a backup option.

Multi-domain management

With the multi-site service, you can host different websites on the same hosting plan.

Unlimited monthly traffic

We support your success by not limiting your performance. You also have unlimited bandwidth.

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CMS in 1 click

Create your website using popular tools like Joomla!.

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OVHcloud Web Statistics

Track the number of visitors to your websites in detail, via our comprehensive statistics dashboard.


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Your questions answered

What is the best option for hosting a Joomla! website?

Before you choose your web hosting plan for Joomla! CMS hosting, evaluate the resources you need. If your website needs more resources than the web hosting plan offers, you can experience slow loading times and downtime. As a result, we recommend using a Professional hosting plan at a minimum. If your business requires more resources, email addresses or flexibility, opt for a higher solution.

Why host your Joomla! website with OVHcloud?

To simplify how you create your Joomla! website, OVHcloud offers this CMS as a one-click module. Our experts have developed high-performance web hosting plans, which are capable of responding to high traffic spikes. These solutions are secure — they are designed to protect both your and your customers’ personal data. You can also change your plan at any time to suit your changing needs.

How do I manually install Joomla! web hosting?

This CMS is available as a one-click module with your shared hosting package. However, you can also manually install Joomla!.

What is Joomla! hosting?

Web hosting is the technology behind every website. It makes its content accessible to internet users at any time, and does so via a network of servers that are permanently connected to the web.

Why choose OVHcloud?

A global infrastructure


Since 1999, our goal has been to offer a comprehensive and innovative range of cloud and bare-metal solutions. Today, we bring scalable solutions to more than one million customers worldwide. We base our activities on a European approach, defending sovereignty and data protection values for our customers. Every day, we drive innovation so our users can anticipate the future of their technology.

OVHcloud has a presence worldwide, with a reliable infrastructure spanning across the globe. It has 32 datacentres, and multiple points of presence (PoPs). For more than 20 years, we have been designing and building our own servers and datacentres using the very latest components. We also maintain our global fibre optic network. We have industrialised our end-to-end production process, to provide more efficient and cost-effective solutions. We do all of this with the goal of giving everyone the ability to innovate.

You get access to solutions that cover all of your IT needs.

  • Web hosting: We host websites and applications of all sizes. Our solutions can be adapted to suit your needs, budget, and changing activity.
  • Public Cloud: A full range of flexible cloud instances, with guaranteed resources to get your projects off to a flying start.
  • Hosted Private Cloud: A dedicated, secure hardware infrastructure for the most sensitive activity.
  • Virtual private servers (VPS): A solution that is competitive, powerful and versatile.
  • Dedicated servers: Machines designed for more resource-intensive uses. We offer several cutting-edge bare metal ranges, which are designed and manufactured by our expert teams. These high-availability servers are ready to deploy in our datacentres around the world.
  • Enterprise solutions: To support your business development, we invest in big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.