Rust Server

Create a Rust dedicated server

Rust is the ultimate game for fans of post-apocalyptic survival in multiplayer mode. It is developed by Facepunch Studios, who also created Garry’s Mod.
Like other survival games, it is inspired by iconic titles such as Minecraft and DayZ. Explore the world as you shape your own destiny — by yourself or with companions. Gather resources and build a shelter to keep your hard-earned treasures safe. With many mods to choose from and constant updates to the game, Rust has remained popular since its full release in 2018. For an optimal gaming experience, we recommend opting for a server with high CPU resources and a high volume of RAM. Find out how to create a Rust server with an OVHcloud dedicated server.

Serveurs dédiés GAME

The advantages of a Rust dedicated server

Having a Rust dedicated server offers many advantages, as well as a unique gaming experience. As the administrator, you have total control. You choose which type of server you want to use: the original game (vanilla), roleplay (RP), player versus player (PvP) or even open-world exploration.
The raw power of OVHcloud Game dedicated servers is adapted to the graphics and power requirements of video games. Our servers are equipped with high-performance processors, a high volume of storage space, and bandwidth that can handle the traffic generated by your video game. You will also benefit from our powerful anti-DDoS solution, designed for online gaming and e-sports. It is compatible with Rust, and offers robust protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Launch a Rust dedicated server with OVHcloud

Requirements and minimum configuration

To work properly, a Rust server requires at least 4GB of RAM. However, we recommend 8GB of RAM to get the ultimate gameplay experience.
The following operating systems are compatible: Windows (versions 7, 8.1 and 10) or Linux (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu). To manage several dozen players connected simultaneously, you need a server with more than 10GB of RAM.

Server rental and choosing your OVHcloud solution

Most of our servers are suitable for setting up a Rust dedicated machine. The Advance and Rise ranges are the most affordable options for hosting parties with friends. If you would like to organise e-sports competitions that bring together hundreds of players, we recommend our Game range with its Anti-DDoS protection. Finally, if you would like a server to be scaled for more small-scale usage, our Linux VPS and Windows VPS solutions are a perfect choice.

Server configuration

When you order your server, you choose the operating system you want to use. Windows Server and Linux distributions are compatible with Rust. It is worth keeping in mind that you can always reinstall another operating system after your machine has been delivered. To cover this step and get started with your server, we recommend our dedicated guide, which contains all the answers to your technical questions on dedicated servers .

Installing SteamCMD

On Windows
After creating a folder on your disk (e.g.: C:\steamcmd), download SteamCMD for Windows. Next, simply extract the contents of the archive to your new folder.
To start SteamCMD, run the following command:
cd C:\steamcmd

On Linux
First, create a Steam user:
useradd -m steam

Then go to the root directory:
cd /home/steam

Next, install SteamCMD according to your distribution:
sudo apt install steamcmd

Red Hat/CentOS
yum install steamcmd

Arch Linux
git clone
cd steamcmd
makepkg -si

Then link the SteamCMD executable:
ln -s /usr/games/steamcmd steamcmd

Open the ports

For your players to connect to the Rust game from your server, you will need to open some ports on your machine:

  • TCP: 28015-28016
  • UDP: 28015-28016

Server connection

Once you have completed all of the installation steps for your Rust dedicated server, log in to the Steam account that has a copy of the game, and launch it. Next, go to “Community” to access your private server using the name you have defined, or the IP address. Once you have done this, you are ready to use your Rust server.

How much does a Rust dedicated server cost?

There are several options for creating your Rust server. A dedicated server is the best solution for performance, stability and protection. With a Game dedicated server, you get our powerful anti-DDoS protection, which is perfect for hosting a LAN party or an e-sports tournament, for example. For standard usage with a small community or a group of friends, we also offer a range of more affordable dedicated servers. This way, you get optimal performance while controlling your budget.
You can also create a Rust virtual private server using a VPS. VPS platforms can be scaled to fit your needs, and are one of the most budget-friendly solutions for video games.

A few command lines for a Rust server

To manage your Rust server, you can use a number of different commands, including the following:


Default value



Defines the server’s IP address. Leave the default value if you only use one IP.



Determines the UDP port used by the server.


Defines the RCON IP address.



Port used by RCON.



Server refresh rate. We do not recommend going beyond 30.


‘Your Server Name’

Your server’s name.



Corresponds to your server’s data access path. Useful if you are using multiple instances.



Maximum number of players allowed to connect simultaneously to your server.



Determines the size of the map that will be generated. Minimum value 1,000, maximum value 6,000.



Map generator seed number.



The rate in seconds that server backups are started.



Sets the RCON password.



Will not display an error message in the event of a failure, and will restart automatically if the server is installed as a service.