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How do I create a DayZ dedicated server?

Want to deliver a breathtaking experience to your community? With a dedicated server, you get optimal resources to deliver the ultimate gaming experience for this popular multiplayer survival game. Get total flexibility over how you configure your DayZ servers, to provide tailored entertainment that meets your players’ needs.

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Why create a DayZ dedicated server?

A unique game with an active community

DayZ was released in 2013 and developed by Bohemia Interactive. It is available on a variety of platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4). It is still updated regularly by its players, who add their own content to it. The game holds a special place in their hearts, and this is reflected through their creative endeavours — examples of which include a variety of mods, roleplay servers (RP) and battle royale gameplay modes. Are you looking to offer community servers, events and competitions centred around their favourite game? You can do this with our Game dedicated servers.

A flexible solution to fit your needs

With a dedicated server, you can expand your creative horizons, and build gaming solutions to suit your community's needs.

  • Event organisers: Want to organise a battle royale-style competition? Order dedicated servers, build your gaming mode to fit your rules, and bring your players together. You can also host a Discord, TeamSpeak or Mumble server on your solution. Want to stream this event? No problem, you can use Twitch on your server and launch your live stream at any time.
  • Resellers: Host servers at OVHcloud that meet your players’ expectations. You can offer different DayZ servers adapted for several uses — such as RP, PvP, PvE, and much more.
  • Publishers: Looking to create new entertainment in an optimised environment? With a dedicated server, you can develop, test and host your games on a solution that is specially adapted to your projects.

A unique gaming experience

Our Game dedicated servers are equipped with carefully-designed resources for the gaming sector.

What are the advantages of a DayZ dedicated server?

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High performance

The latest generation AMD Ryzen processors give you the capacity you need for your gaming projects. Our water-cooling technology allows them to provide continuous performance, for optimal gameplay quality.

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Our Game dedicated servers have a bandwidth of up to 1Gbit/s, so you get the stability you need for your games to work properly. Our network of datacentres is spread across the globe, so you can minimise in-game latency by selecting servers as closely as possible to where your players are based. They also come with a 99.90% SLA, which makes them a perfect solution for professional resellers and publishers. Offer your players a seamless gaming experience.

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Anti-DDoS Game Protection

This solution is included with all of our Game dedicated servers, and is specially designed for online gaming. It protects your parties from denial-of-service attacks. This solution is also adapted to UDP traffic, by controlling incoming and outgoing data. You can create game-specific profiles to further enhance game protection, so your players can enjoy their game without being bothered by bugs.

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Storage space

In an online game, every second counts. This is why our Game dedicated servers are equipped with NVMe SSD disks ranging from 500GB to 960GB. They offer short response times, and enable you to perform backups.

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Floating IPs

OVHcloud dedicated servers have a public IPv4 address and several IPv6 ranges. You can also order up to 256 additional IP addresses. Additional IPs are very useful for offering optimal reactivity in the event of an incident — particularly by switching services over more quickly as part of a failover strategy.

What are the steps for configuring my DayZ dedicated server?

1. Choose and launch the server.

The server model we would recommend is completely dependent on how you intend to use it — i.e. whether it works in a cluster, or as a standalone machine. For events like LANs and e-sports competitions, we recommend using Game-1 and 2 servers.

The recommended minimum configuration for a DayZ dedicated server with an average number of players (between 32 and 64) is as follows:

  • 6-8 core processor
  • 500GB SSD storage space
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • Bandwidth of at least 1Gbit/s

If you are a reseller and want to virtualise multiple VPS platforms on our dedicated servers, we recommend opting for the Game-2 range. The reason we recommend this server type is because it has more virtual cores (and frequency), which delivers more computing power for virtualisation.

Once you have chosen your solution, you can launch the installation of your OVHcloud server. First, select your operating system (Windows Server or Linux). You can then log in and configure it to suit your needs, and the specifics of your infrastructure. To help you with this, please refer to our dedicated server documentation.

2. Configure your DayZ server.

Follow these recommended steps to prepare your DayZ custom server:

  • Create a file on the hard disk: dayz_server
  • Download SteamCMD and unzip it in the file you just created.
  • Upload your server files.
  • Configure your server settings and rules. There are many online tutorials to support you.
  • Ensure that ports 2302 UDP and 27016 UDP are open.
  • Launch your server.

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