OVHcloud backbone network

OVHcloud operates a global backbone network that interconnects all our datacentres together. The OVHcloud backbone network is also connected to the Internet via several Points of Presence (PoP) distributed all over the globe. It is built with the best fault tolerance, security, low latency, and traffic control in mind.

The Internet consists of interconnected networks and there is no guarantee of the quality of each network. This is why OVHcloud is constantly expanding its own worldwide network, in order to assure the best quality for our customers around the globe.

  • 70 Tbps global network capacity
  • 34 datacenters implemented across 4 continents
  • 44 redundant PoPs worldwide

A fast & reliable worldwide backbone network

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Worldwide availability

We are constantly growing our worldwide network to meet our customers' needs. More OVHcloud Points of Presence (PoPs) equates to faster and better availability for our customers' businesses. This way we are also able to offer shorter loading times for your website, lower latency to your services, or a better gaming experience for your players!

As of 2022, we operate 44 redundant PoPs and 34 datacenters in 12 geographical locations around the World.

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Quality attack protection

By design, all of our products and services are secured by our Anti-DDoS Infrastructure. This is OVHcloud's worldwide protection system that guards against large-scale internet attacks.

We constantly ensure that all our interconnections have enough capacity to mitigate the largest volume of internet attacks without interruption to normal traffic.

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Secure interconnection from your site

Some PoP offer a direct connection () between your network and OVHcloud datacentres. That's the most secure way of interconnecting your site and your services with OVHcloud. This can enable hybrid-cloud concepts, a number of DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), or fast deployments using various interconnection options starting from 200 Mbps and up to as much as a 10 Gbps dedicated fiber link.

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Unmetered bandwidth

Predictable and clear cost calculation is crucial for businesses and their bottom line. To make it simple, we don't calculate how much data you transfer per month. Moreover, our network protection infrastructure (Anti-DDoS Infrastructure) is also available at no additional cost for any product you buy from OVHcloud. This provides you confidence, simplicity, and clear cost.

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Low-latency, and a fast, reliable network

We strongly believe that networking is the basis for every product we offer. This is why scaling the OVHcloud network is one of our most costly investments each year. We build our network in such a way that it will always be able to maintain available capacity transparently even under unexpected events (such as big attacks, peer failures, or traffic policy changes). Moreover, we continue to increase our physical infrastructure around the world, operating our own transmission network over dark fiber, to be able to provide at anytime the capacity and quality required by our customers.

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Full work transparency

We believe that full disclosure is crucial, especially when operating an infrastructure for your business. Since its beginning, OVHcloud was one of the first companies on the market to share 100% of its maintenance and incident status with the public in a fully transparent manner.

OVHcloud's dark-fibers for lowest latency

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Did you know what OVHcloud has Indefeasible Rights to Use (IRU) many dark-fibers across several continents? In simple words, this means we have the rights to the fibers for long-term usage. On top of that, we install our own DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical network infrastructure. Our policy is to activate 100% of interconnections between our datacentres and the nearest PoPs (last-mile connections) using our own fiber. We believe this is crucial to be able to offer the best quality, low latency, stable and reliable services at competitive prices.

Our backbone network across the world

Discover our backbone network in Europe, USA and Asia.

OVHcloud backbone map europe
OVHcloud backbone north america map
OVHcloud backbone asia map

Worldwide DDoS protection included


Our custom-made solution, distributed across the globe, available at our Point-of-Presence (PoPs) and inside our backbone network allows us to mitigate the largest network attacks. This solution is available at no additional cost for any product you purchase from OVHcloud. Moreover, it has proven its power while mitigating attacks over 1.6 Tbps.

Tools and more technical information

Below are a number of references to more technical tools providing information about our network.

In the words of our customers


”Every evening, more than 8,500 outlets situated all around the world connect to our infrastructure to download playlists for the next day, therefore we wanted to rely on a strong partner to manage RadioShop’s infrastructure. We are capable of synchronising different files on the different points of presence all over the world in a manner that reduces latency and bandwidth.”

Thomas Bergerot, Co-founder and CEO, RadioShop

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

“You can't offer the best service if it's not supported by the right cloud infrastructure. This is where OVHcloud comes in. We manage confidentiality for user data, and we also take care of user experience. OVHcloud is Europe’s leading cloud services provider, and one of the largest cloud providers founded outside of the US.”

Benjamin Zores, Director of Cloud Infrastructure and Operations

Bourget Airport

“The investment for pulling fiber to the towns of Bobigny and La Courneuve will see an ROI in 10 years, all while providing 100 times the bandwidth and the ability to communicate through a totally private network with our outsourced infrastructures.”

David Larose, IT Manager, Urban Community of Bourget Airport


What is a backbone network ?

A backbone network connects multiple sites (datacentre networks) together, allowing them to communicate with each other.

What is a Point-of-Presence (PoP) ?

OVHcloud is interconnected with external networks (internet) by a number of PoPs (points-of-presence). Every such location allows traffic to be exchanged between local operators and OVHcloud services.