VMware vSphere managed by OVHcloud

Simplify how you manage your infrastructure with vSphere, the VMware virtualisation platform. We take care of the automated deployment, updates and optimal configuration — leaving you to focus on using your solution.

Managed Bare Metal Essentials OVHcloud

The vSphere licence included

The vSphere Enterprise Plus licence is integrated into all of our packs. This way, you get accessible pricing without any commitment duration. The vSphere 6.7 licence is pre-installed in your Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution, and is automatically extended to all of the servers and hosts in your pack.

A familiar interface

Most virtualised platforms work with VMware. We have set up a solution that offers the same tools you are used to using. This means you will not need to familiarise yourself with a completely new platform.

Fully managed by OVHcloud

From security updates to configuration upgrades, we take care of it all. You simply need to manage your virtualisation solution.

Optimised by OVHcloud via integrated plug-ins

VMware vSphere managé par OVHcloud

OVHcloud plug-in
Order additional hosts, with delivery in 30 minutes for maximum flexibility.

OVHcloud network plug-in
Access the list of your IPs, as well as their reverse IPs and usage statuses.

OVHcloud storage plug-in
Add additional storage resources, with delivery in 30 minutes.

vSphere key features

VMware High Availability

High Availability offers protection against hardware outages and operating system faults. This service constantly monitors your virtual machines (VMs). If one of your VMs becomes inaccessible, High Availability will automatically reboot the VM on another server in your Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution. In just a few minutes, without any manual intervention, your VM becomes available again.

VMware vMotion

With vMotion, in just one click you can move your virtual machines between your hosts while they are still running. There is no downtime involved — the active memory and the execution statuses of your VMs are immediately transferred. And since the network is also virtualised, the VMs keep their network identity and connections. This means that scheduled maintenance for a server has zero impact for the end user.

VMware DRS

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) optimises your Managed Bare Metal Essentials infrastructure, without any action required from you. No matter what time your traffic spikes occur, this feature automatically balances the load of your VMs between various servers. This means you can put your projects into production and minimise the costs for your cluster.

VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch

Centralise the provisioning, administration and monitoring of your virtual machines using a network cluster combination. The vNetwork Distributed Switch ensures a quality of service (QoS) for different VMware network features, and you can allocate maximum bandwidth for them.

VMware vMotion Storage

Move your virtual machine disk files from one storage space to another, without any downtime. vMotion Storage guarantees the integrity of these transfers. If there is any scheduled maintenance due to take place on your storage spaces, the service will remain available. This feature is also useful if you are acquiring new filers, and would like to proceed with migrations.

VMware Hot Add

Using the Hot Add feature, you can instantly increase the processor and RAM resources allocated to your VMs. The operation is carried out while the VM is on, without causing any increases in latency or downtime. You can enable it in just one click.

VMware Update Manager

With Update Manager, updating all of your hosts is an easy task. These tasks are fully-automated, to save you time. You can also use a dashboard to view the state of patches in your entire Managed Bare Metal Essentials pack. This procedure considerably simplifies the way you manage updates, and also protects your infrastructure against bugs and security vulnerabilities.

VMware vStorage API

Protect your Managed Bare Metal Essentials pack with vStorage APIs. With these programming interfaces, you can back up all of the virtual machines on your infrastructure from a centralised backup or from a VM. This means you no longer need to manage backup agents in each virtual machine or each host.

VMware Thin Provisioning

Thin Provisioning decreases your storage requirements, by dynamically allocating disk space. Your VMs have access to the volume they need, without any negative effects on their performance. This feature is useful for reducing the number of storage spaces in your infrastructure, reducing your operational costs as a result.

VMware Marketplace

Compress and share your virtual data with the VMware Marketplace. With this discussion platform, you have hundreds of pre-configured ready-to-use VMs that are ready to be deployed. Your .ovf files can be used straight away for even quicker, easier deployment.

VMware Storage I/O Control

With Storage I/O Control, you can define different rules and preferences to manage the I/O quality of your virtual machines. This way, you can set up a hierarchy for accessing a shared storage space.

VMware Network I/O Control

With Network I/O Control, you can configure rules and strategies for each virtual machine or critical application, so that it is always available. As soon as a need is detected, the feature automatically attributes resources to high-priority applications.

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