Digital Workspace and Collaboration Solutions

Digital workspace

Simplify your end-users' digital workspaces with the cloud

In order to optimise your end-users' experience around the world, you need the right solutions to streamline the administration of their workspaces, and enable effortless, effective collaboration. Your data confidentiality and security are of paramount important, so the most sensitive data must be protected as you unleash the full potential of the world's leading solutions for desktop virtualisation, email and collaborative tools.

Digital workspace and collaborative solutions

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Since 2003, Irontec has delivered the assurance that your infrastructures and applications are in good hands. In recent years, it has won the most awards as an OVHcloud partner, and was presented with the Best Service and Solutions Provider award at the Open Awards 2019.

Grupo Trevenque
Grupo Trevenque

Grupo Trevenque helps companies use technology to improve their processes and business models. With more than 25 years of experience, it brings software and cloud solutions to its customers.


In a constantly changing and increasingly connected world, Thales supports ambitious customers seeking to use digital technology to create a safer world. To ensure that we can benefit from new technologies with confidence, Thales supports and secures the transformation of IT systems and the most critical solutions, and protects the entire data lifecycle, from creation to usage.

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What is a digital collaborative workspace?

A digital collaborative workspace is any virtualised working environment that allows colleagues to work closely together on a wide range of projects, regardless of where they are individually located. There are multiple elements to this, depending on the number of employees involved, the number of different locations, and the solutions that must be made globally accessible. This includes virtual desktops, which allow employees to securely log in to their working environments from anywhere in the world, while maintaining the same standard of security that would be expected from an on-premises workplace. This requires secure, private connections to anywhere data is stored, whether it’s on an on-premises server, or in an external datacentre.

This also includes practical tools to enable effective remote collaboration, such as cloud spaces for shared folders, with measures in place for user permissions and access control, and secure, reliable email solutions. An effective digital collaborative space will encompass multiple elements, intelligently centralised, for streamlined management and administration, and with the infrastructure in place to ensure consistently high performance everywhere it is required.

This will enable companies to upscale in a controlled, effective way, as they enter the global stage, all while maintaining complete control of their costs, their data, and their security.

Why are digital collaboration solutions so important to your organisation?

The way we work and collaborate has evolved considerably in recent years, hence the increasingly wide range of digital collaboration solutions available on the market. Companies are growing at an unprecedented rate, expanding into new territories and expanding their workforces. At the same time, employees expect great mobility and flexibility in terms of their workspaces, working wherever they will be most comfortable and effective, rather than being bound to the traditional office environment. 

This represents a significant challenge for any organisation that manages large numbers of employees across multiple locations, but the potential rewards are great, in terms of greater cost control, maximum flexibility, and the ability to scale intelligently and efficiently on a global scale. The right choice of digital collaboration solutions empower this transformation, streamlining the deployment and management processes, and allowing employees to begin their digital collaborations as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

OVHcloud's range of digital collaboration solutions have been designed with this goal in mind. However you prefer to manage your employees, however they prefer to work, and whatever your long-term goals for your infrastructure, these tools effortlessly integrate with your existing solutions from OVHcloud and other providers, allowing you to work in the way you prefer, wherever you operate, while retaining a globally consistent standard of security and performance.