NSX Data Center for vSphere

La virtualisation du réseau et de la sécurité gérée par logiciel, pour optimiser votre Hosted Private Cloud

Software-managed network and security virtualisation, to optimise your Hosted Private Cloud

The VMware SDDC (Software-Defined Datacentre) architecture for the Hosted Private Cloud solution extends virtualisation technologies to network and security for your IT system, with NSX Data Center for vSphere. It is the most commonly used software-defined network (SDN) solution on our platform.

Our prices

The pricing for the Hosted Private Cloud Premier solution includes the NSX Data Center for vSphere licence at Advanced level.

Features included in NX Data Center for vSphere at Advanced level

Features included
IPv4 switching and distributed routing
NSX Gateway Firewall (stateful)
NSX Gateway NAT
Security group
Dynamic routing
IPv6 switching and distributed routing
Load balancing
VPN (L2 and L3)
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Différentes fonctionnalités de mise en réseau et de sécurité

A range of networking and security features

NSX Data Center for vSphere enables you to manage logical commutation, logical routing, distributed firewall, load balancing, NAT and VPN — and do so as closely as possible to your applications. The Hosted Private Cloud SDDC solution includes the NSX Data Center for vSphere licence at Advanced level.

Deployment acceleration and automation

You can use this software to speed up provisioning and deployment for your applications, by simplifying the configuration of security policies. It is natively configured into the VMware vCenter console — and you can also use standard automation tools with it, such as vRealize Automation, Terraform and Ansible, with the REST API.

Sécurisation de vos services avec OVHcloud

Secure your services with OVHcloud

Once you have connected NSX Data Center for vSphere to your vRack private network, you can manage network and security for all of your OVHcloud services — whether they are on a Hosted Private Cloud platform, Public Cloud, or dedicated server. With this innovative combination of technology, you can easily follow best practices for security.