Redefining Patient and Workforce Experience: Cloud Ingniting the Intelligent Health Digital Platform

An IDC Executive Brief sponsored by OVHcloud


Cloud is a key accelerator of the healthcare intelligent enterprise, serving as the backbone to transform patient care and workforce experience. Interoperability enables cloud ecosystems based on shared data management principles, supporting the exchange of information and expertise and the creation of new value-based services. In a scenario of regulatory complexity, cloud technologies increasingly address trust by ensuring compliance with sensitive data protection, security, and data sovereignty.

As developed in this IDC Exec Brief, Healthcare organisations willing to succeed in their journey towards the intelligent cloud-enabled enterprise should rely on vendors ensuring:

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- In-depth market knowledge
- Regulatory compliance and data security
- Open source and data portability
- Tech availability and scalability
- Full contractual transparency
- Service level KPIs tied to business value

Case studies included in the IDC Executive Brief

Cloud Enabling Care Delivery Innovation at Scale: The Case of QARE

QARE, the telemedicine service connecting practitioners and patients by video, providing access to remote consultation and share medical documentations. It is building the foundations to become a trusted partner of the healthcare system, leveraging connected devices and data mining to transform patient service delivery.

A Secure Environment Serving Medical Research Intelligence: The Case of Institut Curie

Institut Curie, the world famous non-profit foundation medicine research center established by Marie Curie in 1909. Institut Curie participated to a "AI for Health" challenge for Healthtech startups to validate and develop of an algorithm to classify patients with bronchopulmonary cancer from multimodal data.

Executive Brief Preview

Redefining Patient and Workforce Experience: Cloud Igniting the Intelligent Health Digital Platform

By the second quarter of 2020, healthcare organisations worldwide had suddenly awakened to virtual patient care initiatives and have radically transformed the outlook of their organisations, from the overnight creation of new hospital wards to new models of remote work. In 2020, physicians providing teleconsultation...

Executive Brief document structure

1) Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Healthcare Scenario

Healthcare providers triggered to respond to different challenges to ensure:

  • Business resilience
  • Care continuity and patient engagement
  • Healthcare staff protection and workforce transformation
  • Workflow efficiency and automation
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Ecosystem collaboration

2) Building the Backbone of the Future Intelligent Healthcare Enterprise

  • Overcoming Healthcare Digital Transformation Challenges
  • Redefining Patient and Clinical Workforce Experience
  • Driving Healthcare Ecosystems Forward
  • Managing Cybersecurity Risk and Data Protection
  • Ensuring Compliance and Building Trust

3) The Strategy Ahead: A Checklist for Healthcare Executives

Healthcare providers need to plan their strategy around 4 main directions: Systemis, Shape, Sharpe, Serve

Cloud-enabled enterprise need to rely on tech providers able to respond to specific needs:

  • Market knowledge

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Data security

  • Open source, switch, and data portability

  • Technological availability and scalability

  • Transparency

  • Value