From today, the Cloud Desktop service will no longer be available to order

In 2015, we launched two solutions to support a brand-new requirement in the cloud industry: Cloud Desktop and Cloud Desktop Infrastructure.

Customers could use Cloud Desktop to get one or more virtual desktops as a unit. And Cloud Desktop Infrastructure could be used to manage a fleet of virtual desktops, by ordering a Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure along with the popular software solution VMware Horizon.

Virtual desktops are very versatile. They offer many benefits to businesses, including increased mobility, standardised working environments, reduced hardware costs, and much more.

However, in spite of the reliability and high performance reported by customers, it was still not used by a large sector of customers. This meant that we could not consider developing new features, or updating the hardware.

For this reason, we have decided to discontinue the sale and use of Cloud Desktop. From 31st August 2019 onwards, all of the virtual desktops that form this service will progressively become unavailable. The data stored on these desktops will be permanently deleted as part of this process.

Please note that this decision will not affect the Cloud Desktop Infrastructure solution. It will remain available.

Customers using Cloud Desktop will be contacted directly by our teams. We will detail all of the terms and conditions for this service closure, as well as the measures we recommend taking in order to avoid any data loss. We would like to thank all of our customers using Cloud Desktop for their custom over its four years of existence.

Is the Cloud Desktop solution still available to order?

No, as the Cloud Desktop solution is no longer available to order. However, if you are a customer using this service, you can continue using it for a limited period of time. You will be able to find your data, back it up, and migrate it to an alternative solution.

When will the Cloud Desktop service become unavailable?

The Cloud Desktop service will be closed in three steps. From the 31st May 2019, the support and maintenance period for the infrastructure will be reduced to office hours (09:00 - 18:00). Then on the 30th June 2019[CB2], OVHcloud will no longer offer support or maintenance for Cloud Desktop. From the 31st August 2019 onwards, all of the Cloud Desktop servers will progressively become inaccessible.

What will happen when support and maintenance is no longer offered?

During this period, users will still be able to log in and use their Cloud Desktop solution. But OVHcloud teams will no longer be able to resolve any faults or incidents. For this reason, we recommend backing up your data before this point.

Is there a plan to launch a solution equivalent to Cloud Desktop?

We do not have any projects like this. However, depending on your needs, there are two alternative solutions.

Alternative solutions you can use