Protecting your cloud and staying compliant

Protecting your cloud and staying compliant

Protecting your hybrid cloud can be a daunting process, especially when so many teams are involved in the final solution.

Every component of your hybrid cloud must be in dependently audited to guarantee the very highest security, confidentiality and compliance standards.

Discover how to deliver the highest security standards across your multi-cloud operations.

  • Global security management policy
  • Continuous monitoring to stay ahead of security threats
  • A resilient, secure-by-design cloud
  • Local/regional regulatory frameworks
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How to manage and migrate your digital infrastructure with confidence

In this whitepaper we discuss the key security and compliance challenges associated with cloud migration and extension.

What’s inside:

  • The benefits of data centre extension or migration - affordability, security, and compliance
  • How to secure the infrastructure in your hybrid cloud
  • How to deploy your infrastructure and remain compliant

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Demo Video: Extend your Data Center

What you'll learn:

  • How to order Hosted Private Cloud VMware pack, access the pack, and get the connection information
  • Making basic configurations such as creating roles, and OVHcloud Add-ons
  • Migrating your existing VM from on-premises to OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud

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Cloud trends and using the right strategy for your company

Key learning points:

  • Explore your options public, private and hybrid cloud
  • How to assess which type of cloud is best for your business strategy
  • Understanding multi and hybrid cloud architectures

Extend and migrate your datacenter to the cloud.


With integrated vSphere, vCenter and vROps, our managed Hosted Private Cloud solutions offer the same control as your on-prem solution. We deal with the maintenance, while you gain from high-performance cloud services.


Enjoy Pre-installed Nutanix software licenses on our 100% dedicated and secure OVHcloud infrastructure. Get a ready-to-use Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) in just a few hours.

Public Cloud

Our compute and storage instances offer the best price-performance ratio on the market. This dedicated and managed solution allows you to create multiple Kubernetes clusters and databases. Explore our catalogue of instances with guaranteed resources, as well as GPU and IOPS instances.

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Bare Metal Servers

With our dedicated server ranges, you can create a virtualised infrastructure that fits your needs as closely as possible. Choose the computing power and volume of RAM you need, and distribute it however you want.

Cloud on-Ramps (OVHcloud Connect)

A connection between your network and OVHcloud infrastructures, compatible with all of our cloud solutions. You get between 200Mbit/s and 10Gbit/s guaranteed bandwidth, and minimal latency on the public network (internet).

Ensure security and compliance with OVHcloud

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About OVHcloud

Our aim is to provide an open cloud that is reversible and interoperable. This belief empowers our 1.6M customers across 140 countries, as we continue to build on our global footprint of 33 datacentres with the latest generation of private, public and web cloud services.

We have developed an integrated and sustainable business model where we design cutting edge technology to assemble our water-cooled servers that are housed in our purpose-built datacentres. This value chain enables us to offer the best market prices when comparing like for like performance. Plus, our transparent price book means that our customers can predict their costs and won’t get bill surprises!

Our 32 Tbps fibre-optic global network across 38 points of presence with real-time monitoring and anti-DDoS is optimised for stability, redundancy and availability keeps our customers businesses operating efficiently and safely. It was this network that repelled one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded.


70 Tbps
of global network capacity

33 datacenters
present on 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world