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The background

Touchstone Solutions offer their end users a comprehensive range of managed hosting services, including OS+ control panel installation, patching, security (including proactive security scanning and malware/exploit detection), performance monitoring, and backup solutions. In order to deliver all these services to the high standards expected by their clients, flexibility and scalability are of the utmost importance when it comes to their infrastructure. To this end, they utilise OVHcloud’s full range of physical and virtualised solutions – all fully integrated, with the flexibility to deploy, redeploy and upscale to suit the most specific customer requirements.

The challenge

Touchstone required an infrastructure that would allow them to deliver their full range of services to a consistently high standard, across every region in which their end users are active. Their internal teams required maximum autonomy in terms of their infrastructure’s management, and the successful integration of multiple solutions, in order to accommodate their end users’ highly varied requirements. Optimal data security and a streamlined, efficient backup process were also key considerations.

The solution

OVH & Touchstone Solutions

Touchstone drew on the full range of OVHcloud solutions to design their infrastructure – all fully-integrated, and maintaining the flexibility to adapt to customer requirements at short notice.

The Private Cloud was used as the WHM cPanel’s main server, to deliver shared hosting services, thanks to its high standard of performance compared to similar services on the market. A single cloud server is used with the WHM cPanel for high-traffic websites that require dedicated hosting.

This is supported with the use of OVHcloud’s Dedicated Servers range, equipped with VMware ESXi and Hardware RAID 10 SSDs. A key part of this setup is that all servers are run with a maximum load of 70%, with no overselling. This helps to maintain consistent performance for all end users, regardless of the nature of their sites and applications, their location, and their volumes of traffic.

All backup servers (OVHcloud Storage Servers) and secondary DNS servers (OVHcloud SSD VPSs) are spread across OVHcloud’s global network of datacentres to ensure full redundancy. Each cPanel hosting account is backed up automatically every day, with each backup retained for seven days (although certain end users have different backup arrangements, which Touchstone’s infrastructure is easily able to accommodate). All backups can be downloaded directly by end users’ development teams at any time. 

The result

Since 2005, Touchstone’s global infrastructure has proven to be an effective platform for further innovation. In particular, the flexibility and scalability of their various solutions has allowed them to roll out their Enterprise Email service (based on Windows servers from OVHcloud with SmarterMail Enterprise software), providing end users with a flexible email solution, with no limitations in terms of space per user. This is achieved by allocating resources at the domain name, according to each user’s requirements, with the ability to adjust this whenever required.

Touchstone’s ongoing success is a powerful example of what can be achieved through the successful integration of multiple cloud technologies and hardware solutions.

“An agile approach is essential in the modern digital landscape, and our partnership with OVHcloud provides us with all the tools we need to respond to developments in the industry and our customers’ evolving requirements.”

Srikanth Medasani, Director, Touchstone Solutions