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shared hosting and vps

Are you building a website for private gaming, hosting a multisite WordPress setup or e-commerce site? In any case, your site will need just the right balance of performance, customizability, reliability and security. It will also need to be able handle peaks in traffic as well as have the ability to store e-commerce data, content and visual media in order to create a rich user experience. What kind of hosting approach should you take to make this a long-term success?

Let’s examine your options.

Performance Webhosting Service or Virtual Private Server (VPS)

When building their initial websites, most companies choose shared webhosting plans that provide pre-packages tools, anti-DDoS protection, site templates, SSL certificates and storage on a large network of virtual machines where the compute resources are shared. A couple of advantages of shared hosting are that it keeps costs down and simplifies the process of getting you to speed.

Using a VPS is the next logical step up from using a web hosting plan. A VPS offers a wider range of options, and more flexibility in terms of configuration, access and features (root access, Apache PHP.init). You can also install an SSL certificate and any other software you want. However, you do need knowledge of server administration to manage the operating system and configure applications. 

But there are other key factors to consider. Let's investigate.

OVHcloud scalabilty


As your site grows and gains traffic, handling that growth smoothly will ensure your customers return. Visitors lose patience quickly if they have to wait for pages to appear. Sites that take longer than 2 seconds to load lose traffic. (Source)

If you use shared webhosting, like our Performance plan, to lower costs, you can use our Boost feature to handle increased traffic loads for specific periods of time. This is a very effective solution during a promotion, like Black Friday. It's highly effective at managing traffic spikes for shorter periods of time, something that may be of interest to companies or organizations that deal with lower levels of traffic than pure e-commerce sites.

If you choose a VPS, the benefit is that it can be partitioned and organized to suit your particular requirements and to handle heavier traffic due to the dedicated resources. Consider a VPS as a very affordable technical solution compared to moving up to dedicated servers.

OVHcloud Customizable


Your website is as unique as your business and you want it to look and behave a certain way. Depending on your level of knowledge or if you have an existing website infrastructure, there are different benefits to using webhosting plan or a VPS. There are many options with either choice, in terms of software and CMS templates, but if you need more customization for a more advanced website, a VPS may be a better choice than shared webhosting.

A VPS gives you the freedom to install and configure more applications than you would on a shared hosting plan.  Choose between operating systems and the content management system (CMS) you prefer. We also offer a PrestaShop e-commerce solution to create an online store, but you may want to use a different e-commerce platform. The choice is yours.

OVHcloud Security


Security is another way of saying peace-of-mind. With our webhosting solutions, by default you get our unique Anti-DDoS protection along with an SSL certificate that help keeps your site safe and secure. You can add other security options via your CMS (WordPress offers a wide choice) as addons.

Your VPS operates independently of other sites on the same physical server, so it is isolated more from outside influences. However, security isn’t just being protected from hacking, it’s also the luxury of being able to install and configure the SSL you want.

With a VPS you can purchase automatic backups, reducing IT headaches if something goes wrong. A backup of your VPS is scheduled daily, exported, then replicated three times. If you choose a shared webhosting plan, you need to plan for backups separately.

Lastly, with a VPS, you can use a Additional IP to host your projects, SSL certificates, and more. It can be switched from one server to another in just a few seconds. An account with a Additional IP works without interruptions and is the best solution for handling overloaded applications or other infrastructure problems.

Which is right for you?

It really depends on how much effort you want to spend and the amount of customizability you need. If you're building your websites and want to spend less time on the technical aspects, our Performance plan is the best for you. However, if you or your team are technically proficient and are looking to handle more and more traffic, our VPS is a great choice. OVHcloud gives you the freedom of choice. Check out both solutions for more details:



Web Hosting Performance
VPS Comfort
VPS Elite
From 1x vCore
4 vCore
8 vCore
1 Gbps unmetered*
2 Gbps unmetered*
Automated and manual backup options available
Automated and manual backup options available
From 2GB
8 GB
From 8 GB to 32 GB

* For VPS hosted in Sydney and Singapore: 3TB/month for the VPS range “Comfort” and 4TB/month for the VPS range “Elite”. Bandwidth is reduced to 10Mbps once the monthly quota is exceeded.