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Which hosting plan should you choose for your website?

Want to put your website online and choose a hosting package at the best price? Choose the best web hosting provider for your projects.

We will help you pick out the best solution for your project.

How do you choose a web hosting plan to suit your needs?

Before you choose the best hosting package for your project, you should evaluate your online strategy objectives:

1. What is the goal of my website?

For your online activity, your website’s structure will vary depending on the objective you wish to achieve. It can take several forms, ranging from a simple static webpage to showcase your business, a first website built with contact forms, a complex website, an e-commerce website, a custom website, or even several websites to host simultaneously. It is important to carefully consider your website’s intended purpose, as well as how much visibility your activity needs. It is also worth thinking carefully about your domain name, which should reflect your business activity and your company’s identity. OVHcloud offers a wide range of domain names and extensions.

Creating a website

2. What are my resource requirements?

Once you've established your web strategy, you will need to work out the resources it requires. A showcase website will not have the same needs as an e-commerce website. You need to know what it will require in terms of RAM, CPU, storage space, disk space, bandwidth, whether you need email accounts or not, databases, an SSL certificate, and so on.
Depending on where your customers are based, you may need a CDN with your hosting plan to minimise latency.

3. What types of hosting are there to choose from?

Our shared hosting packages offer excellent value for money. They are suitable for small websites, and e-commerce websites. They have all the features necessary to deliver a positive customer experience on your websites.

If you would like to manage your own infrastructure and get more flexibility, we suggest looking into our VPS or dedicated server solutions. They offer a higher level of performance, and deliver the flexibility required to launch more ambitious web projects. These products are best suited to complex websites with resource-intensive features.

For more information, you can compare OVHcloud web hosting solutions.

4. How do I choose a hosting provider to support my development?

It is important to have a long-term view of your online development strategy. You need to choose a hosting plan that will adapt to your changing activity, and keep up with your growth. With our web hosting products, you can switch to any higher solution as you scale up. You can also opt for a solution listed in our entire cloud catalogue, and add services as and when you need them. If you want more autonomy, flexibility and power, we recommend our VPS and dedicated server ranges.


    Choose the best hosting plan for your needs

    Create your first website in a few clicks, or create large-scale web projects like a blog, a business website or an online store.


    Personal Hosting

    $4.39 /month

    1 domain name included*
    100GB disk space
    10 email addresses
    1-click CMS

    Professional Hosting

    $7.69 /month

    1 domain name included*
    250GB disk space
    100 email addresses
    1-click CMS

    Performance Hosting

    $13.19 /month

    Guaranteed resources
    1 domain name*
    CDN, SSL, Service Web Cloud Databases

    Web PaaS Powered by

    Grow your business step by step with us.


    We support you at every stage of your web development:

    • With our guides, videos, 1-click CMS tools and the OVHcloud community. You have several sources of information and support to help you get your projects off the ground.
    • By giving you the ability to scale up at your own pace — migrate easily from one solution to another (upgrade), get additional performance when you need it (Boost option), and explore many other adaptive solutions.
    • With a wide range of options to enhance and customise your web hosting plan: CDN, additional databases, DV/EV SSL certificates, email solutions, and much more.
    • Our network of partners, whose specialisms range from helping you choose the infrastructure to managing marketing campaigns, designing a structure for the website, the content and the communication strategy, SEO, and much more.

    OVHcloud web hosting plans to suit your needs

    Simple, ready-to-use hosting

    Personal Hosting: Suitable for a small dynamic website or blog. Perfect for personal use. With WordPress available to install as a 1-click module, website building has never been so easy.

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    Hosting for businesses

    Professional Hosting: For your company website, to showcase your business or expertise.

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    High-performance, scalable hosting

    Performance Hosting: Suitable for more advanced uses, such as an e-commerce website or multisite platform. Depending on your needs, you can easily upgrade to a higher solution from the Performance Hosting range.

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    For advanced developers and DevOps

    Web PaaS powered by is an automated, flexible platform for developers who want to work in continuous integration (CI/CD) to deploy their source code on Git with any language or framework (PHP MySQL, Node.js, Python, Symphony, Drupal and many more). With this platform, you can focus on your code for quick, agile deployment in a secure, GDPR-compliant environment.

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    For professionals who manage their own web servers

    Our virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers are designed for complex and resource-intensive web projects. They are perfect for users who want total freedom to manage their dedicated hosting solution. The resources of these solutions are full allocated to you.


    Our service commitment


    You create your website, we take care of the rest. Opt for OVHcloud web hosting, which offers simplicity, flexibility and performance.

    • Managed hosting

    Get an infrastructure that is always available, monitored 24/7, and kept up-to-date with security patches. It is fully pre-installed, so you can focus on launching your web project.

    • Management interface

    Configure your products and services through our simplified, centralised interface: the OVHcloud Control Panel.

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    • Unlimited monthly traffic

    Don’t limit your success — we will help you grow your business without limits.

    • Anti-DDoS protection

    With its exclusive anti-DDoS solution, OVHcloud ensures that your hosting package is always available — even during an attack.

    • Multisite management

    With a multisite (multidomain) infrastructure, you can manage multiple websites on the same web hosting plan.

    • Detailed statistics and logs

    Track the number of visits to your websites. Our statistics dashboard gives you a full view of your traffic.

    • Backup and Restoration

    Have you edited your scripts, only to discover that your website no longer works correctly? Luckily, every hosting plan includes a backup option.

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    • Task automation

    Schedule and manage automatic actions from the OVHcloud Web Control Panel (Crontab task scheduler)

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    • OVHcloud API

    Use our APIs to order, manage, update and configure your products.

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    • Support and documentation

    Our support levels and multilingual guides will help you with all your web projects.

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    • OVHcloud ecosystem

    Join our community space: OVHcloud Community. You can also join the OVHcloud Partner Program for exclusive benefits. With the OVHcloud Marketplace, you can find a selection of solutions to support you with all your projects.

    Your questions answered

    What is a static website?

    A static website or webpage provides content that will be identical for all visitors. It is usually only based on HTML and CSS, and does not use a database. This solution is perfect for a basic website with a few pages, and the content does not need to be generated different depending on the user’s request.

    What is a dynamic website?

    A dynamic website offers content that varies depending on the visitor’s request. Depending on criteria such as the user’s IP address, a completed form, or any choices made, the website is able to retrieve the requested content via an attached database, for example.

    What is a CMS?

    A CMS is a website building tool you can use to create your website, with features that make it easier to create. Most CMS tools have content presentation templates, drag-and-drop features, pre-defined fields, menu creations, and other features that simplify the website creation process. This way, you can build your website without requiring any knowledge of programming and development. You can choose from a range of CMS tools, including Drupal, Joomla!, PrestaShop, or the most well-known one — WordPress.

    How do I track my website’s traffic?

    With OVHcloud, you can track traffic on your website and get detailed statistics on your visitors using the OVHcloud Web Statistics option.

    What is a shared hosting package?

    With a shared hosting plan, users share the hardware resources of a physical server. This kind of web hosting is very easy to use, and offers great value for money.

    Which is the best website hosting provider?

    Before you choose your hosting plan, it is important to check the quality of service offered by the web hosting providers you consider. Value for money is important, but you should also take into account the hosting provider’s hardware capacity, to ensure that your website stays online in the best conditions. Data security and protection are also essential factors to consider.  OVHcloud has over 30 datacentres across the globe, and works in partnership with major European cloud players. With our own 20TB/s private fibre optic network, we are able to manage high volumes of data. We take pride in ensuring optimal security for the data stored on our solutions. For example, we are not subject to the US CLOUD Act.

    Which hosting provider is best for a WordPress blog?

    At OVHcloud, you can install the WordPress CMS in 1 click as part of the order process for your web hosting plan. Your WordPress blog domain name is free for the first year. If you need help creating your website using WordPress, you can visit our dedicated page on the topic: Creating a WordPress website.

    Why should I choose an OVHcloud web hosting plan?

    We want to offer the very highest service level, so that your website stays online and completely secure in the best conditions:

    • Your database and FTP backups are automatic.
    • Your web hosting plan is monitored 24/7.
    • If you have any difficulties, you can refer to our online support.
    • To protect your hosting plan against attacks, our anti-DDoS protection is included with all of our hosting solutions.
    • We offer multidomain management on our hosting plans.
    • With the Web Statistics option, you can access detailed statistics and logs on your website.
    • We offer FTP and SSH access to facilitate file manipulation and exchange.

    OVHcloud is Europe’s no.1 web hosting provider. Our priority and philosophy is to offer everyone access to technology and the web. We work every day to guarantee optimal data security and sovereignty for our customers. By opting for OVHcloud, you choose a hosting provider that has a long-term strategy to protect its customers.