Payment methods

Payment methods

Payment methods offered by OVHcloud

Credit/Debit cards

Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.
As soon as you click "payment by credit/debit card" available on your order, you will be automatically directed to the secure payment space of our financial partner.

You have two possibilities to pay by credit/debit card:

  • via your order by clicking "payment by credit/debit card".
  • via the following link: You must already have your order and its password. It's the quickest way to activate creations and renewals (less than 15 minutes).


Place your order and click on the PayPal icon, you will be then redirected to the PayPal interface.

Recurring payment via PayPal

Your services can be renewed automatically with your PayPal account. Log into your Manager: Administration > Automatic renewal and set up your recurring payment at your convenience.

Prepaid account

The prepaid service is a management service of points redeemable in OVHcloud products and services.
Actually you buy points that you subsequently turn into OVHcloud products. These points are accumulated and managed in your account via the management interface.

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