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Deploy your Hadoop big data cluster in just a few clicks

Deploying a big data cluster is usually a long, restrictive process, but with the OVH Data Analytics Platform, you can simplify things. In less than an hour, we can deliver a preconfigured, ready-to-use Apache Hadoop stack.

Based on a standard open-source Hadoop distribution, we preconfigure all the services you need to process data and secure the flow of data traffic.

This platform is ideal for a range of sophisticated applications, including market analysis, business intelligence, IoT and even preventative maintenance. It’s up to you!

The services included

Once you have deployed your cluster, you will have full access to all of the services listed below:

Data flow Sqoop, Flume
Security Ranger, Kerberos, Know, FreelPAidM
Storage HDFS, HBase
Monitoring Ambari, Logs Search, Ambari Infra
Scheduling Oozie
Messaging Kafka
Processing YARN, Map Reduce 2, Tea, Pig, Slider, Hive, Spark 2, Presto


We base our solutions on the open-source Apache Hadoop operating system, along with an additional security and management layer that includes:

  • A network pathway and a gateway host, to secure your traffic with the public network
  • An identity management service (Kerberos and LDAP), WebSSH and Apache Ambari, to secure your operations
  • Ambari software, to simplify management via web interface


OVHcloud Data Analytics Platform

How to


Deploy a Public Cloud project

Your cluster is based on a flexible, high-performance Public Cloud infrastructure, which is available across multiple regions. You are only billed for your actual usage, and for the advertised instance price. 


Deploy a cluster

In just a few clicks, you can deploy a full Data Analytics Platform cluster, while OVH configures it all for you.


Log in to the interface

In under an hour, your cluster is ready to use. You’re now ready to log in to the graphical interface, and harness the power of big data!

Ready to get started?

Create an account and launch your services in minutes

Pricing Public Cloud

OVH Data Analytics Platform pricing

The Hadoop cluster is delivered, already configured, in about 1 hour. Billing is based on the instances and volumes used. In addition to the instances, there is an extra charge to cover the operation of the cluster.

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