Strategic corporate research

Ai training

Large companies choose OVHcloud AI Training to guarantee their strategic R&D labs' data governance and privacy

ML training for strategic corporate research

Data privacy and governance needs to be at the foundation of every company - especially when a company requires cloud services to ensure data is handled properly and securely. For the likes of large pharmaceutical groups, securing the data journey is key to protecting this critical asset. OVHcloud has developed a complete data solution portfolio to help you exploit core data from end-to-end.

Building on our open and trustworthy cloud, we are now offering training as a service running on GPU. Thus, OVHcloud AI Training, provides your data scientists with the necessary skills to perform strategic research, while your IT department keeps the right level of control to manage it.

Why choose OVHcloud AI Training?

OVHcloud AI Training creates a centralized environment with built-in security, sharing and tracking functionalities to ensure that access to your sensitive data is carefully controlled and monitored.

At the infrastructure level, you benefit from our GPUs in the Public Cloud, guaranteeing full isolation between clients. Our Public Cloud is hosted in our datacentres, where servers are assembled on-site by our technical experts. This ensures optimal performance, as well as total control and security from manufacturing to provisioning.

OVHcloud AI Training enables all stakeholders to collaborate to reduce duplication of work, thereby increasing development speed.

Benefit 1: Keep full visibility and control on your data

Leverage OVHcloud's secure and GDPR compliant public cloud infrastructure to benefit from Openstack's native users and rights management.

Benefit 2: Boost data scientists' efficiency to maintain your innovation edge

With complex infrastructure management taken care of, your data scientists can maximise their efficiency.

Benefit 3: Foster collaborative research

Empower your R&D lab with a collaborative solution to make the most of your internal skills.