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The Resilient Cloud to Tame Your Challenges

Deploy, manage, and scale your development platform and workloads quickly and affordably

To meet your biggest challenges, whether they be business, DevOps, AI or just storage, you need an infrastructure that’s exceptionally resilient and flexible so you can adapt to sudden changes in business, resource requirements or strategy. You can’t afford to be locked-in to one provider or technology.

At the same time, you need to stay within budgets, ensure data replication requirements are met and make sure your organization doesn’t suffer downtime. That’s where our flexible and secure cloud helps you meet your objectives. You can use our cloud to handle your heaviest web projects, whether they are development or production workloads. We offer some of the most powerful compute resources, whether it’s GPU, CPU, IOPS or just testing and scaling.

If you need to run AI training models but you’re worried about wasting precious time on technical configuration or having the necessary infrastructure to support you, we have you covered. We have flexible storage options, Apache Spark servers for parallel data processing, powerful NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs with up to four cards that can be connected to combine their performance. Best of all it’s based on an easy-to-use interface so your data scientists can launch AI training models quickly.

Beyond the best performance, we are now offering with MongoDB-as-a-Service to speed your cloud native app developments together with our free managed Kubernets service. Spend time on developing apps while we handle the container orchestration on our global network of over 30 data centers that we own and operate.

Operations and multi-cloud flexibility are guaranteed with our cloud being built on OpenStack and you can use our free OVHcloud API, while we do not charge for API calls. This helps you by not restricting you to specific platforms if you are building an open source solution.

Perhaps just as importantly, we do not charge for network traffic. Ingress and egress between any of our data centers is included in the price you see on our website. There are no surprises on your monthly bill. You get peace of mind and cost predictability on top of the most Cloud out there.

OVHcloud global infrastructure

Hyper scale cloud provider
with a global presence

1.5 Million Customers
around the world

260,000 Cloud Instances
in 30 datacenters

8 Cloud Regions
including Australia & Singapore

Built to scale any compute workloads

Exceptional price to performance

IOPS Instancias con un alto rendimiento transaccional
More power for less

Web ApplicationWith Cloud

Up to 80% more cost effective compared to other leading providers*

Web 1 Web 2 DBStorage Traffic
*Known prices (US$) as of July 2019, based on on-demand instances equivalent:
AWS: s1-2: a1.small, s1-4 : a1.large, b2-30 : m5ad.2xlarge, b2-7 : m5ad.large, Obj Storage : S3 standard
GCP: s1-2: g1-small, s1-4 : custom-1-4, b2-30 : n1-standard-8, b2-7 : n1-standard-2, Obj Storage : Cloud Storage Regional

OVHcloud Infrastructure used for a website with 512GB monthly traffic:

  • 2 x Web servers (s1-2, s1-4)
  • 1 x DB server (b2-30)
  • Object Storage
  • FREE Outgoing traffic (1TB)

Don't just take our word for it

Cloud Spectator

Compute IOPS

The results found that Oracle, Azure and AWS could not keep pace with OVHcloud implementations. OVHcloud simply outperformed everything else and delivers the fastest NVMe storage we've observed in the cloud market.

Cloud Spectator International

Our customers

Choose from a wide range of
pay-as-you-go cloud solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations during my trial?

You have full access to try out our full suite of cloud instances and solutions.

Which locations are available for the trial?

You can deploy instances in our Asia Pacific region, including Australia and Singapore as well as other regions in Europe and North America.

Who is eligible for this free trial?

The OVHcloud Cloud Free trial is eligible to all new customers who have not created a new cloud project in their account prior.

How do I sign up for the free trial?

Simply fill in the short form above and our friendly sales team will contact you to learn more about your needs.

Do I need to add a payment method to enjoy the free trial?

Yes, a valid credit card or PayPal account is required. However you will not be charged as long as you do not exceed your free trial quota.

What will happen if I exceed my free trial quota?

For any excess usage beyond the issued credits, you will be billed through the provided payment method. You may monitor your quota directly from the OVH control panel.

How can I cancel my free trial?

As the free trial will be provided in the basis of credits, any unused credits will not be chargeable.

(1) This special offer gives you a promo code providing you with credit to use on the price of any Cloud instance. Offer valid for any first-time orders of Cloud projects, placed between 20th July 2021 at 09:00 and 31st December 2021 at 23:59 (Montréal time). This special offer is limited to one subscription per NIC handle (Customer ID) and can only be used if you do not yet own any Cloud projects. The promo code must be activated when you create a new Cloud project via the OVHcloud Control Panel. It applies in accordance with the standard applicable pricing available on the OVHcloud website. To use the service, you will need to accept the applicable terms of service, as described on the OVHcloud website, excluding the application of any SLAs. The discount provided by the promo code is valid for a period of two (2) months from its activation date and is automatically deducted from your next bill. You must have a valid payment method registered in your OVHcloud customer account. This credit does not have any monetary value, and cannot be exchanged, transferred, or refunded. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers applicable to the service. To subscribe, you will need to accept the OVHcloud contractual conditions. If Paypal payment is selected, you will be required to pre-pay a certain amount of credits upfront (with validity for 13 months). Pre-paid Cloud credits are non-refundable.

(2) If accepted, the data communicated via this form will be collected by OVH SAS acting as a data controller. It may be transmitted solely for the purposes described below to other entities of the OVH group, and to subcontractors acting in the name of, on behalf of and at the direction of OVH. In this case, OVH SAS ensures that a sufficient protection mechanism is in place. As such, data transfers to entities of the OVH group located outside the European Union are governed by OVH's binding company rules. The data is processed for a period of 36 months with your consent, in order to provide you with offers concerning the infrastructures, products and services offered by the OVH group.