Building Blocks of Effective Data Management

Building Blocks of Effective Data Management

IDC predicts that in 2024, 9 Zetabytes of data will be produced globally. This equates to 1 Terabyte by every human on the planet. Such an incredible volume of data presents both challenges and opportunities for every business. The fundamental issues start with how to manage and store data efficiently. The tremendous opportunity to seize the insights offered, to provide new heights of competitive advantage and revenue streams is what will make or break your business!

It has been well documented that cloud will play a central role for most organisations. The scalability, performance and security will be, if not already, essential components of your data management strategy.  Read on to learn about the key trends and insights of how other organisations manage their data effectively plus tips on how you can benefit from tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Data Management

The explosion of data creates challenges for your business, the number of solutions are mind-boggling, but we can help cut through the complexity.        

Data Insight

The tools you use to extract value from your data can launch your business on the right trajectory. You won’t go wrong if you start with the basics.

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Data Security

The sums add up, using the cloud can save you money but you’ll have to change your mindset to keep data secure. Find out how to adopt an agile security approach.


Data is at the heart of top strategic technology trends

Every year Gartner produces an eBook outlining the key technology trends that are critical to business. No surprises that data is the common thread that weaves through these. The rewards for a business applying the right strategy could ultimately lead to seismic growth.


Capturing & storing data

The first piece of the puzzle is how you manage the storage of your data.

Ever wondered whether to use SQL or NoSQL? View this short video with one of our strategic partners, Aiven, for a gallop through the pros and cons of the key databases on the market.


Harnessing the value of data

In the modern era businesses are looking to AI as the next natural step in their digital transformation. But plenty are intimidated by the topic and are unsure of where and how to utilse the plethora of tools and platforms at your fingertips. View this OVHcloud webinar to discover how your organisation can win with this ground-breaking technology.


Protecting your data

Everybody recognises that their data is one of their most valuable assets. The question is how to protect it in a hybrid / multi-cloud world whether you are storing, processing or archiving your data. Have a quick read of this short OVHcloud whitepaper which illustrates the tools and approaches you can employ to manage and minimise risk.


Digital sovereignty

This is becoming more relevant as organisations come to terms with the multi-cloud ecosphere, OVHcloud have embraced the principles from inception and cover:

  • Data sovereignty: data is fully covered by the GDPR legislation in spirit as well as the letter of the law, many organisations are now looking to European home-grown providers as a safe pair of hands.
  • Technological sovereignty: open-source mindset that encourages interoperability across your platforms.
  • Operational sovereignty: concrete evidence that your cloud solutions and data run in the locations you decide.

At a practical level, customers are eager to understand how best to prepare for unforeseen events, so get the inside track on backups, replication and disaster recovery and business continuity.

DBaaS Webinar

Top Tips to Succeed with Managed Databases (DBaaS)

Managed database solutions (DBaaS) are abuzz right now but there are several issues associated with selecting the right choice. Tune into this in-depth discussion from our experts on how to assess the right solution for your business and navigate any unexpected challenges.

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