Advance Gen 2 dedicated servers

Develop a limitless virtual environment with Advance dedicated servers

There are many advantages to virtualisation and containerisation, when it comes to deploying projects and modernising applications. These advantages include optimising hardware and software investments, as well as long-term flexibility, for example.

These new platforms are based on the very latest technology. They include essential features for businesses that require the highest performance.

ADV-Nouvelle génération
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The best technologies with maximum reliability
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High-speed network connectivity and unlimited traffic
New Hard RAID options for virtualisation

Explore our Advance Gen 2 servers

Discover the advantages of this new range


Increased performance as your projects grow

Our experts have worked closely with various hardware manufacturers to select cutting-edge components for our new dedicated server range.

  • Intel® Xeon-E® Processors (Rocket Lake)
  • AMD EPYC™ Milan processors
  • TRuDDR4 ECC memory
  • PCI Gen4 controller
  • Data class SSD disks
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A range of storage options to choose from

When you order your dedicated server, you can customise its storage capacity with a wide range of disks.

  • SSD, HDD and hybrid disks
  • Datacentre class disks
  • High-capacity disks on Advance STOR services
  • Hardware RAID card
Une sécurité sans compromis

Optimal security

Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and AMD Infinity Guard technologies secure data processing and exchange. This way, you get enhanced security.

  • AMD Infinity Guard
  • Intel SGX

An innovative high-speed network

Get high-speed public and private bandwidth, and unlimited traffic with your Advance servers. The OLA feature increases the availability of your applications.

  • Public bandwidth up to 5Gbit/s
  • Up to 6Gbit/s private bandwidth
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA)

70 Tbps
of global network capacity

33 datacenters
present on 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world

Why choose our Bare Metal servers?


If you choose a dedicated server, you can rest assured that all resources are allocated to you, for maximum performance. Our servers are designed, assembled, and maintained by our teams to offer optimised configurations for your projects.


Deploy your servers in our 33 datacentres around the world. Get all the benefits of a secure, high-resilience network to ensure service continuity for your customers.


By creating an infrastructure with OVHcloud dedicated servers, you are building a reliable technical platform for your business applications. The scalability of your infrastructure is further enhanced by the ability to connect your servers with other OVHcloud solutions, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud.


By hosting your servers with OVHcloud, you benefit from innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure. These include water-cooling for energy efficiency, and the anti-DDoS solution developed by our experts. We constantly anticipate your future needs.