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Enterprise Cloud Databases

Des clusters de bases de données pour vos charges de travail critiques

Highly-available managed databases

Your data is vital, which is why it is important to combine security and performance.

With Enterprise Cloud Databases, you can focus on your applications rather than the technical aspects of your databases. Our solution is based on dedicated hardware infrastructures, offering both outstanding performance and high availability. In just a few minutes, you can migrate smoothly to the cloud and mount your managed databases.

Simplified administration

Focus on your business and challenges, with our turn-key solution. Our managed databases were designed and used over several years by our very own teams — and are monitored and operated 24/7. This means you don’t have to worry about the hardware, the operating system, or software updates.

Native high availability

Ensure a 99.99% monthly availability rate for your applications, guaranteed by an SLA. To offer this guarantee, our database clusters are replicated in several datacentres across the globe. They also have automatic failover mechanisms, and daily backups.

Better performance

Offer your users reliable, high-performance applications. Each of our clusters is equipped with dedicated resources, and next-generation hardware. They are optimised by OVHcloud’s teams, to deliver optimal power for all needs.

Why choose Enterprise Cloud Databases?

Des clusters de bases de données pour vos charges de travail critiques

Database clusters for critical workloads

Our databases are designed to suit the most resource-intensive applications. We will support you in securing your critical activity, by providing you with a high-availability, high-performance solution.

This turn-key, reliable and scalable solution is compatible with all OVHcloud, as well as your on-premises cloud platforms.

Une tarification simple

Simple pricing

Each cluster includes all of the services you need — whether it is storage, daily or scheduled backups, incoming and outgoing traffic, monitoring tools, or other elements. Billing is simple, and costs are easily predictable — so you can manage the amount you spend on the cloud.

Pour tous les usages

Adapted to suit all uses

Our databases and their associated software programs have been designed to follow market standards. This means you can easily migrate your internal databases to our cloud. You can also connect and secure external traffic to OVHcloud, via a public or private network. And our pricing is transparent and predictable, with traffic included.

Need support or information?

You can request a free callback from an OVHcloud advisor


Simplified management

Your cluster is created online in just a few minutes. You will then have the OVHcloud Control Panel to manage your service, and tools for daily monitoring.

Continuous monitoring

Our teams monitor your clusters round-the-clock. They also manage maintenance operations, such as hardware or network incidents.

Updates included

We apply the very latest patches for operating systems and database engines (minor updates).

Optimised by our experts

You will get all the expertise of our database administrators, who have designed this solution following industry standards.

Dedicated infrastructure (single tenant)

All of the nodes in your clusters are based on dedicated servers, so you have full access to all of the resources. As a result, they guarantee optimal performance.

Constant IOPS

Each node has dedicated resources, so the input/output operations per second (IOPS) are constant over time.

Horizontal scalability

You can add or delete nodes via the OVHcloud Control Panel for horizontal scaling, so performance and resilience are boosted.

Low latency

You get dedicated servers without a virtualisation layer, and a network operated by OVHcloud — so latency is absolutely minimal.

Flat-rate, predictive pricing

Our pricing model includes everything you need, which means no nasty surprises or hidden costs. You will know in advance how much you will be billed.

Incoming and outgoing network traffic included

All incoming and outgoing traffic for your cluster is included in your solution, so you can work without needing to worry about limits.

Intuitive management

You can manage your clusters on a daily basis via the OVHcloud Control Panel, an API, or command lines.

Easier migration

Database engines are delivered without any modifications (vanilla version). This guarantees a simpler migration to OVHcloud, and it also means you can leave our services easily without any vendor lock-in.

Security rules

By default, all incoming traffic is blocked on your cluster. Using security rules, you can specify exactly which services can access your data.


The data traffic transferred from your services to our clusters is secured with end-to-end encryption, via TLS. This is also the case for managing IPs that are authorised to connect to your cluster.

Confidentiality for your data

Opting for a European cloud player is a reassurance of security for your data. We are not subject to laws like the CLOUD Act, so they will not affect your company.

Dedicated infrastructure

Each cluster has its own dedicated nodes. These nodes fully isolate you from other users, so you will never be affected by their usage.

Cluster architecture

For maximum availability and high performance, a cluster is made up of three nodes by default. These nodes distribute read and write operations in the databases.

Automatic failover

In the event of an incident on one of the nodes, an automatic failover mechanism is triggered within 30 seconds. No action is required on your part.

Automatic daily backups

Every day, we take a full backup of all your data, and keep it for a period of three months. Each of these backups can be restored in just a few clicks.

Geographical redundancy

The nodes in your cluster are automatically distributed across three OVHcloud datacentres, to handle any potential geographical outages.

Our Partners


Dalibo will help you with your project, from design to migration — and offers 24/7 monitoring. It has training programmes, and actively contributes to the PostgreSQL community.


Oslandia offers support for your projects, from start to finish. This company has expertise in PostgreSQL and PostGIS/QGIS.