Easy Redirect

Easy Redirect

Reserve your domain name and link it to your social media page

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Make your life easier

Create a unique domain name that will be easy for your followers, friends and customers to remember.
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Easy Redirect

What are the advantages of Easy Redirect?

Are you a tradesperson or influencer, or do you run a shop or restaurant? Do you communicate via a business page on social media so don’t need a website?

Our Easy Redirect solution offers several advantages:

  • Manage your online presence by communicating via your social network
  • Make your business cards look professional with a personal domain name
  • Secure your brand for the future by reserving your domain name

With the Easy Direct option, designed by OVHcloud, you can quickly register a domain name and redirect it to a social media profile as soon as you order.

How do I choose a domain name?

Selecting a domain name that fits your business and its activities is key. After all, it is your website’s address, where future customers can reach you. It is also important to consider that it may be used in an email address, so your customers should not need to ask how to spell it.

Choosing a domain name

Finding a domain name

Your domain name should be easy to spell and remember, so that your customers can easily find you. It should also contain information about who you are, and/or your business activity. To help your website improve its SEO, use keywords and a strategic extension to ensure that your business responds as well as possible to organic search engine queries, such as Google. Choose the most suitable extension from the hundreds available and compare their prices.

Comparing prices

If you already have a domain name with OVHcloud

Would you like to redirect it to your social media business page?


What is Easy Redirect?

The Easy Redirect solution allows you to quickly register a domain name, and set it to redirect to a social media page as soon as you order. This solution is offered at no extra cost with a standard domain name order.

After ordering a domain name with Easy Redirect, is it possible to change the redirection?

You can amend your order for free at any time from your Control Panel. If required, you can also cancel the Easy Redirect plan and opt for an OVHcloud web hosting plan.