Intel® Dedicated Servers

Get the best of both worlds with Intel® dedicated servers. Built on powerful enterprise-grade Intel® Processors with data protection capabilities, our Intel® servers offer a robust platform for hosting your most demanding websites, applications and cloud services.

  •     High performance

  •     Enhanced data protection

  •     Dedicated private environment


Serveurs dédiés Enterprise

Why choose OVHcloud?

Our Intel® servers are designed and built in-house by our experts. This gives you the best price-to-performance ratio and a superb web hosting experience. We use only the latest next-gen components to ensure resilience and have developed our own innovations, including water-cooling for energy efficiency and OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) technology.

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Trusted Technology

Intel® Processors are renowned for their performance. We offer dedicated servers built on Intel® Xeon and Intel® i7 Processors – two of the fastest on the market today.

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Backup Storage

Our servers include 500GB free backup storage as standard, scalable up to 10TB. This enables you to store data off the main server.

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Worldwide Datacentres

With 34 datacenters highly secure datacentres located around the world, you can be close to your target audience and enjoy more reliable and stable web hosting.

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Resilient Infrastructure

Our dedicated servers have an outstanding SLA of up to 99.90%, unlimited traffic (outside Asia Pacific) and a minimum public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s. Anti-DDoS protection is also included at no extra cost.

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Data Protection

Intel® Xeon Processors are equipped with Intel® SGX technology, which protects data in use by storing it in an isolated, encrypted enclave. Data is secure - even if the OS or hypervisor are compromised.

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High Performance

Thanks to our robust design and the power of Intel®, your dedicated server will deliver superb performance. You’ll also have full root access and can manage your server using the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Why Intel® Dedicated Servers?

Designed for resource-intensive workloads, these robust machines provide a stable and secure environment for your projects. For increased data protection, choose a dedicated server built on Intel® Xeon Processors, which contain Intel® SGX to protect data at the hardware level and Error Correcting Code Memory (ECC) to prevent soft errors and data corruption.

Our Intel® dedicated servers offer:

  • Excellent performance
  • Your own server with no shared resources
  • Greater control, security and privacy
  • Faster processing and bandwidth speeds
  • Root access and full configuration
  • Powerful data protection technology with Intel® Xeon Processors


What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers offer access to an entire server that isn’t shared with anyone else. This means they have much higher performance than shared or VPS hosting. With a dedicated server, you’ll benefit from higher bandwidth, faster processing speeds and more control over your environment.

How are dedicated servers used?

People use dedicated servers for a variety of reasons, including web hosting, storage, virtualisation, cloud services, big data, applications and hosting games. Dedicated servers are usually the server-of-choice for people hosting a resource-heavy project or wanting increased security and speed.

What kind of dedicated servers do you offer?

We offer a large range of affordable dedicated servers to suit your needs. Our Rise range is the most cost-effective, whilst Advance servers are best suited for enterprise-grade performance. Our Game servers are built for gaming and our Storage range is for archiving and backup. For the most intensive workloads, we recommend Scale and High-Grade servers. All are offered with either Intel® or AMD processors.

How secure are your dedicated servers?

Security is built-in to our dedicated servers from the beginning. We ensure our infrastructure design is compliant with international regulations and include Anti-DDoS protection as standard. For reliability, we use only the most trusted processors, such as Intel® Xeon Processors, which include Intel® SGX data protection technology. Combined with our fortress-like datacentres, you can rest assured that your server is secure and in very safe hands.

What are the benefits of Intel® processors?

There are many different brands of processor out there, but Intel® processors are perhaps the most well-known. Intel® created the first processor back in the 1970s and has been releasing increasingly innovative solutions for home and enterprise use ever since. In terms of performance, Intel® processors offer superb clocking speeds and powerful cores - providing the reliability you need when hosting resource-heavy projects. Our Intel® servers come equipped with Intel® Xeon or Intel® i7 Processors, both of which offer impressive performance and security. Intel® Xeon Processors have also been built with data in mind and include Intel® SGX and ECC capabilities for increased data protection and reduced data corruption. We therefore recommend Intel® dedicated servers for anyone that needs the performance and security to host demanding or enterprise-grade projects.

What is vRack technology?

vRack technology is available with all our dedicated servers (apart from Rise and Game) and enables you to create a server cluster or hybrid infrastructure using a private secure network, multiple datacentres and innovative network solutions.

Do you offer other processors?

Yes, we also offer a range of AMD dedicated servers. Just like with our Intel® servers, you can also add more RAM, storage or a faster processor to suit your needs.

What billing do you offer?

Billing is transparent and we offer clear information on pricing. There are no setup fees with a commitment and all servers include special features at no extra cost, such as Anti-DDoS, unlimited traffic and 500GB of extra storage.

When will my server be available?

Once you’ve purchased your Intel® dedicated server, it can be deployed in less than 120 seconds.

What support is included?

All Intel® servers have 24/7 monitoring and intervention in the event of hardware failure, with international support available via ticket, phone, email and online chat. We provide different support levels - Standard, Premium, Business or Enterprise – which offer specific support to suit your needs.

Which operating systems are compatible?

Our Intel® dedicated servers are compatible with many different operating systems, including traditional Windows and open-source distributions. These can be installed easily via the OVHcloud Control Panel.