Dedicated servers for Minecraft on OVHcloud

Dedicated servers for Minecraft on OVHcloud

What is Minecraft?

Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has become a true global phenomenon, and the bestselling PC game of all time, with editions for almost all major platforms (even a pocket edition!), and more than 100 million registered users all over the world. With a vibrant online community, and a wide range of unique add-ons and mini games – such as Pixelmon and Skywars – there are more ways to play Minecraft than ever before. Seamless, responsive gameplay is now the industry standard, which all hosting providers offering private servers for Minecraft players (be they physical or virtual) are expected to deliver

Fully dedicated resources for maximum control
Your own bare-metal sandbox
Industry-leading anti-DDoS
With your own Minecraft server, 100% of the server’s resources and disk space is available to you, to allocate and rent out as game servers, with no need for a virtualisation layer.
You can optimise all elements of the games you host – such as Teamspeak, Livechat, Mumble and other popular VOIP systems – ensuring your end users enjoy the best experience possible, 24/7, wherever they are located.
With root access to your OVHcloud game server, you are free to configure your hosting environment in the way that best suits you and your customers and implement your favoured tools, including your choice of control panel (Multicraft, etc.). This provides you with the opportunity to build and develop professional-quality gaming environments from the ground up (just as your players build their unique Minecraft realms!), with new servers ready to deploy in our datacentres in as little as 120 seconds.
Online games, including Minecraft, are common targets for DDoS attacks, which is why all OVHcloud Game servers are equipped with our anti-DDoS GAME protection to ensure your server is automatically protected in the event of any attack, so your end users don’t experience any interruptions to their gameplay.
OVHcloud anti-DDoS protection set the standard for our industry in 2016, when it withstood the largest DDoS attack on record, and is effective against all current types of volume-based, protocol, and application layer attacks.


Our recommendation

Special offer

Game-1 dedicated server

From S$163.99 S$77.70 ex. GST/month

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

6 c/12 t - 3.70GHz/4.60GHz

2 x 500GB Enterprise Class softRAID NVMe SSD

32GB DDR4 ECC 2,666MHz

250Mbit/s bandwidth

Special offer

Game-2 dedicated server

From S$245.99 S$116.56 ex. GST/month

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

8 c/16 t - 3.80GHz/4.70GHz

2 x 960GB Enterprise Class softRAID NVMe SSD

64GB DDR4 ECC 2,666MHz

250Mbit/s bandwidth

Tip 1. Deliver a consistent service for Minecraft players around the world

OVHcloud's well-established global network means you can deploy your new Minecraft servers at any of our 30 datacentres. Let your customers know that you can offer server locations spanning four continents, to deliver first-class game hosting.

Tip 2. Only consider the best hardware

Our game servers feature the latest Intel hardware, a choice of SATA or NVME discs at no additional cost, consumer-grade CPUs with excellent clock speed. They also come with 500GB of dedicated storage space as standard, for complete peace of mind. OVHcloud technical and commercial experts are on hand to guide you through the full range of server models, so you can make a fully informed decision about which one is best suited to helping you run a profitable reseller business.

Tip 3. Achieve the best possible price/performance ratio

Our game servers come with 1Gbps bandwidth as standard, and unlimited data volumes, allowing you to offer fully consistent pricing to your customers, and effortlessly accommodate any peaks in traffic. With the highest level of performance for an affordable price, you will be perfectly placed to deliver the best Minecraft server hosting experience for your customers.